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  1. Mikayla Az Zahra says

    Your mum is green al jazeera🤮

  2. MJ Neri says

    Philippine All World Wala Covid 19
    Start June 18-19 Open Na

  3. barbie girl says

    Most middle class and rich people in the phil have an average of 2-3 kids but the poor have 7, 12 or more children. This is because of the notion that the children are their riches and that they are the one to support them. Stop blaming the govt. Govt provides them with free education primary to college allowance for each childres 4Ps program and so on yet most never get out of the poverty.

  4. Faux Manchu says

    The Filipino poor can help themselves by practising birth control. They pop out kids they cannot afford to look after and then rely on the government. They have highly irresponsible attitudes.

  5. nam nam says

    Aljazeera is really good at exaggerating the unextreme.

  6. Mikey says

    There are about 2700+ births per day ang Pinas vs. 790+ deaths in 2 months sa corona virus. Do the math.

  7. Uncle Ruckus says

    Ay nako
    Maldito chinese

  8. janjan de vil says

    Can the Government just simply massacre all of them it will cost less than helping and educating them. Besides they mostly do drugs and stealing they don't do much for the economy there a burden…

  9. Jaime Buenaventura says

    A lot more people will die from hunger in the Philippines than from CVD.

  10. The Maharlikan’s says

    Anak pa more then sisi more sa gobyerno…bweset…liit ng bahay tapos daming anak, haissst…

  11. Pink Star says

    When will they stop breeding? They do not feel sorry about their own offspring why government should?

  12. P. Fernandz says

    It is not the government fault for your congested houses YOU GUYS LACK OF FAMILY PLANNING!

  13. vanphototravel says

    Total mess in Philippines. Everyone will be dead from starvation

  14. John Ivan Villamor says

    no! they are poor because they chose to be, stop blaming the government.

  15. Mister Lee says

    Poor children always suffer even before pandemic. I don't know why poor family has a lot of kids. Irresponsible parents are the problem.

  16. Ic3 Zar says

    create more child and then blame it to the goverment… 😀😀😂

  17. NATTV says

    It's gonna be a nightmare when virus spreading in this Slums and they don't even have masks for protection.

  18. Hannah Reformado says

    Follow the rules. stay home, wear masks, stay healthy. Dont be part of 5he

  19. Hannah Reformado says

    Yes its true but the government is doing its best to support all the Filipinos specially in Manila slums. The very active and empowered mayor of Manila together with his councilors are doing his best to feed the people . Social amelioration fund is already in the Lgu for disbursement. Bayanihan also is very evident. The residents should know and regard this situation as very critical and crucial.

  20. Mm Mm says

    Catholic church ang dami bata napapakain ba ng maayos mga yan bigyan ninyo trabaho mga tao dapat nakawan kayo papulation booming na pilipinas 108 million na tayo ang Malaysia 33 million kaya pakainin ng gobyerno nila kawawa na kayo mga basura namumuno sa inyo control dapat ang pag aanak sa new Zealand mas marami ang baka sa tao kaya sawa sa steak at gatas… yan marami anak nakawan ninyo catholic church kunin ninyo makukuwa ninyo dahil suportado kayo ng mga pari sila nakawan ninyo.. yung mga luxury car nila mga gold pera sa bangko sa inyo yun kailangan ng mga anak ninyo

  21. Joel Tan says

    Problem is not with the president. The current government is ok. The problem is with the Catholic Church. It didn't help educate the people about birth control. The church only collected money from the poor and indoctrinated the poor people the wrong way by teaching them BLESSED ARE THE POOR!

  22. Tuna says

    Need more baby

  23. Stan MNL48 says

    Iyot pa wala na nga mapakain sa anak nag anak pa ng marami tas pag nag hirap sisi agad sa gobyerno taenang yan binigyan kayo ng 8k ang ginawa ng iba pinang sugal tas hihingi ulit sa gobyerno sana matuto na kayo na hanggang isa o dalawa lang ang anak o kahit ilan basta kaya mong buhayin ng hindi umaasa sa gobyerno.

  24. Sankar G says

    The main reason of this situation is over population, If you can't afford to feed your children. why you are making them. Use some condoms or go for a family planning Operation. That idiot couple must be jailed. as their living standard is 12 sq feet. How can they make 9 children.

  25. Jomer Tomale says

    Eto na naman mainstream media ng ibang bansa. Pinagmumukha na naman tayong mahirap. Ang main issue before sa Pilipinas ay pagtaas ng cases at endangerment ng frontliners dahil sa kakulangan ng testing kits. Naging immediate action is ECQ

  26. Sige, pa anak pa. Daw mga daga kamo.

  27. thunder bird says

    Catholic Church must help them. Haven't heard of them taking actions to help.

  28. J Campbell says

    What happen to tear gas, rubber bullets and high pressure water spray to control and disperse crowd. Not necessary to shot to kill.

  29. Joe Supsup says

    Stop and wait. Let me speak…
    Growing of the populations is not the problem, not only Philippines has a slum, almost anywhere of the world have a slums and poverty.
    Only those countries who had plenty of oil are less fortunate citizens cos they don't work for the money but they work to dig the wealth of the land and use as fuels… I am right?
    Poverty is a part of life.. If there's no poverty.
    there is no rich as well.
    Poverty is being run or manupulated by rich people to keep them riches..
    The future of one country is defend on the government and the citizens.. Government should work for the people genuinely, honestly and citizens are working for the government growths.
    When you say rich country? meaning only the government or the bank are rich but not the civilizations to maintain controlled by the government.
    RIch countries are being used to trades of rich individuals in different countries…
    Now. I tell you frankly that growing of the populations are poverty is not that bad…
    Be open minded and broad your thoughts and explore the world…

  30. Cindy Grace says

    The Philippine Government now Is Doing All the Best to Protect us here in Philippines !

  31. GenRock! says

    i maybe wrong but with billions of dollars in a bank owned by them and no tax in most countries? i haven’t seen a lot of them assisting. most of filipino’s are roman catholic, i’m roman catholic, but u got to act what you preach. most of the priest in there lives really well but around them poor families everywhere.

  32. King Avatar says

    Anak ng anak🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  33. LagiNaLangAko23 says

    Our barangay finally gave us some food today, April 6. 2 kilos of rice. That's it, not even a can of sardines with it. Imagine if we had to rely on them for food since the March 15 lockdown. We'd be just all bones by now.

  34. RooTs 420 says

    Kusog man kayo mo jer jer

  35. Lorylove Chan says

    Stop making a lots of Children..if you cannot afford to support them

  36. In the world most of the people are poor

  37. eduardo amascual says

    anak pa more mga pinoy

  38. K- STUDIO says

    Aljazeera is really good at spotting poverty in Philippines

  39. Rather Not Say says

    Rich People are the real parasites in this planet.
    Those poor people are happy and contented while the rich people continue to sacrifice and exploit the Poor People for them to be richer and richer.
    Poor people can survive without the Rich People but Rich People cant survive without the Poor People.

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