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Cardib (iamcardib) try filipino food lumpiang shanghai | jude rist


  1. Princess Marshella Horman says

    the b in cardi b stands for bihun

  2. jules says

    her maid casually wears body towel while cooking, das home

  3. Dmg Control says

    If only she would have tasted the real gulaman sago like in the philippines. Idk if we have the ingredients here in america probably not because of that sago. Buko gulaman is possible though.

  4. I I says

    She was flippin' digging her nails into the lumpia and the pancit😂

  5. Cardi b liking the lumpia
    Me: go to my birthday boom infinite lumpia my guy

  6. Agoroy Agoroy says

    Half pinay ba sya..savi nya my aunt daw tska pinay ung aunt..baka nga half pinay sya

  7. Ken Espinosa says

    Im filipino

  8. Lucy Morningstar says

    1:08 that's the peach motherf***er
    my new favorite

  9. 4ngvls_ says

    i love spring rolls

  10. NineTiNine 9•T•9 says

    The birthday celebrant is a second option, we target the lumpiang shanghai first

  11. beruthortoltototo. says

    Shes such a mood❤️🤣

  12. Aesthetic Sunflower Z says

    is she half filipino-?

  13. • sky_draws :3 • says

    0:54 that's lumpia

  14. Kim Jungkook says

    I love Cardi's laugh hahaha

  15. Mac Suwicha Chirathivat says

    my mum watching the video: did she just use that aclyric nails

  16. Gabriel Rabang says

    1:44 ayooo my furniture started floating yoo🤣

  17. Gavin Lukas Sioson says

    just to notify on something about filipino

    we are every where

  18. Christabelle Aishka Canseco says

    Yesss queenim a filipino and uwu yes thats also my fav foods oh mah gawd yes queen

  19. 이헤노크 says

    it's the ✨ 1:44 ✨ for me

  20. SUPER SCIENCE says



    Chismosa after the party: Hoy bes, ang shanghai nila kay alat kaayo. Oo. Sobra. Kinaun ko na lang kay alam na, sayang


    Video: Fili-

    Filipinos: Does someone wanna summon us?

    Video: Fili-pino


  23. Cringeworthy channel says

    Ina moka .

  24. Lilibeth Hale says

    cardi should really try mango float :^

  25. Bueno Bryan says

    Cardi's water sound effect
    PluCKa pLuCKa

  26. PekoNoPeko says

    in the philippines if there is someones birthday you will see these dishes and it will be gone in a minute

  27. Niña Jeszel S. Capuli says

    Me while watching:Sarap!

    Me while watching:Delish!

  28. ceejay to says

    dont hate me but i hate pancit even tho im filipino-

  29. Aerielle Canta says

    I like to hide plastic and take out some lumpiang shanghai

  30. Wade Eros YT says

    this vid makes me hungy/FILIPINO 4 life

  31. Borexxx Rivera says

    Lumpia is a Chinese food, and so as the Pancit. lol!

  32. DM Bajade says

    Filipino here😁

  33. Rhyan Sabado says

    The start is a movie like "itaewon class"Danbam Park sareoyi

  34. katrina ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ says

    this video is literally gonna summon all of the Filipinos. it’s me. i’m Filipinos.

  35. kia tea says


  36. Tashed says

    I really don't like Cardi B as a person but her reaction to Shanghai was entertaining

  37. Enrico Pangan says

    0:55 CARDI:i dont know what the fvck is this sh*t called

  38. Ms. Sweet Villainess says

    I don't know how this got on my recommendations but damn, I stan!

  39. Xtel May says

    Yeah thanks for showing us the food but not really trying it. You’re full of sh*t! 🤣🤣🤣Keep it up

  40. Shawnplayz says

    As a filipino, this is..

  41. Cassy Arroza says

    Actually that's not originally from Filipinos. Cause as you can hear the SHANGHAI its originally from China. Its just a part of our cuisine for every celebrations and occasions mostly for birthdays. This is their heritage for us

  42. kevin3 cabalod says

    im addicted to Cardi B i like her na promise huhu from Cavite Phil.

  43. GamingWithJake :3 says

    Lmao i love the way she keeps cussing lmao


    She can use her 3 inches nails as a fork

  45. Martin Consuelo says

    Lumpiang Shanghai is so😍😍😍

  46. Softly VNTconcept says

    You summoned me here

  47. Harvey Dayaday says

    uhm nya uhm nya berikumbambam

  48. Aesthetic_Angela says

    Any filipinos here? cuz I'm also a proud filipino

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