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  1. Jessa Mar. C says

    Canada felt like the Philippines embarassed them. No you embarassed yourself. For being hypocrite. Imgaine claiming to be cleanest and greenest country and throwing your garbage to other country!

  2. Gerson Pajenar says

    Shame on you canada.. don't do that here in Philippines during president duterte administration.. i clarify duterte is not a dictator 90% pilipino include me supporting him..


    realtalk…. canada is no match to philippines..

  4. Marky Tayag says

    Russia is Supporting the REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES in all matters! ❤️

  5. Ms Mej says

    Eat your garbage Canadian reporter

  6. MA Plays MLBB says

    EXCUSE ME MISS: DUTERTE IS 'OUR HERO' 🙂 Philippines is 10x safer and better than few years ago.

  7. Darius Alberto says

    The cost 😂goshh

  8. JL Gacho says

    Duterte don't need popularity.. in our country alone he's so popular that 90% of the filipinos are satisfied with Him.. Don't think that He did it to Canada just to earn popularity.. even if he don't want to, he is popular already

  9. JL Gacho says

    You take the issue lightly when in fact it is a very big problems and you have the nerve to call President Duderte as a "Dictator?" no he's not.. he's just a very responsible and committed leader of our country..

  10. SSShh asmr says

    you dont know nothing RIGHTFUL LADY of CBC NEWS !! his party is number one and popular so hush

  11. Rose The Flower says

    My country is the best witch is the Philippines xD

  12. Ana Lorraine Manalo says

    India is supporting the Philippines

  13. sense sence says

    President Duterte really is a good guy. if i were you ms reporter study gut first then be fair and examine it yourself. that if you are that learned and not just educated.

  14. henry chuah says

    He is a good guys.

  15. Judy Ann Dura says

    Filipinos have sympathy you have given years god do you need a decade?

  16. Canadians worship gays everyday

  17. adr yuh says

    duhh bias bitches

  18. Yie Dela Cruz says

    Duterte a 'hypocrite'? That's the last thing you can call him. He is the exact opposite. Your PM Canada is a buffoon. Feel sorry for the Canadians.

  19. NSTP CDA SAN JUAN says

    Would you mind if we use this vid for our school project?

  20. varunthedoc says

    I would go to full scale war with Canada for this garbage issue…..it irritates me if my neighbour puts his garbage in front of my drive way….if I were the president….I would surely start a war.

  21. AQKI GAMES says

    Canada: Our country is so beautiful and so clean.
    Philippines: Yeah, because you dumped your garbage here.

    Hypocrisy as its finest.

  22. Marks Spencer says

    It doesnt mean that depeloped countries are trash

    Western countries should be ashame about this

  23. Rm discovery says

    Cbc news is bias well anyways I recommend to collab with ABSCBN NEWS

  24. ZaB3AsT says

    Canada Started

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