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  1. Anne Blog says

    The last singer was the best

  2. Oscar Hamtig says

    Country of Singers…The Phillipines!!!

  3. Tatay Digong says

    Filipinos are regarded to be one of the best singers in the world.

  4. Teresa Ng says

    So Cool…. It was owesome!

  5. Walter Kiebart says

    Hi my wife scored 100 with the Song yellow submarine from the Beatles and I scored 99 with New York New York from Frank Sinatra. Our Neighbour in Caloocan is a Taxi Driver and sings every Day Karaoke. When I am there I visit him and Bro we sing together like a Nithingale.

  6. Walter Kiebart says

    Hi I am Walter from Germany and am married to a Filipina, I know that singing is a very popular Sport there. We are leading a LDR, she lives in Manila and I in Germany. In 2019 we went with members of the family to a Resort in Batangas and we stayed there with 20 People. There was of course a Karaoke Machine and we started a Tournament. Gues who won? My wife she scored 100 Points, second was me with 99 Points.

  7. Roldan Rico says

    Whoever said that 80%, 90%, or 95% of the Filipinos can sing, you need to reconsider the stats. Everybody in the Philippines can sing, but if you consider those who have good voice quality, they're only small part of the population. Don't be so full yourselves.

  8. Ninang Lennie Moreno says

    Phillipines is a producer of a good singers in the world.

  9. Tommy Castro says

    Aw I have the same Bose speaker 🀣

  10. Koko Peds says

    Alicia Keys. Is nice.

  11. Tin Maria Cristina says

    Watching this now, February 23, 2021, and I'm loving it! I'm new here. I saw your channel as I was watching one of Waleska's videos. You're awesome! I'm a fan now! Much love from the PH!

  12. Jenah Rivero says

    The girl with short hair is ADMU courtside reporter?

  13. Trishia Dorado says


  14. Jecel dela Rama says

    frannie cutie

  15. Wien Hidacan says

    im here bcz of tiktok

  16. Ramir Lopez says

    3:23 is the best awkward reaction there…like a nice holdup! hahaha

  17. Choconie Cee says

    Wow galing naman NG mga taga up

  18. Soul ess says

    University of the assumption.

  19. cardo deloro says

    dont go there UP is the breeding ground of insurgents! the NPAs take precautions bro!

  20. Rob Adventure says

    Franny is good!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‡§πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  21. Audrey Audrey says

    Rogie sounds like Ed Sheeran

  22. GrowllCraft says

    Nasan ung mga lasing na tito?!?!


  23. Mark Clemente says

    Holy shit. The last two were good and Franny was by far the best. Holy…wow.

  24. 4G says

    I clicked because I saw Frannie Reyes

  25. Mayjane Duro says

    He said: where are you from?
    Student: from college of education
    So he put in his hometown college of education lolπŸ˜‚

  26. Blue Gray says

    almost all of them are wearing glasses woah

  27. Noahe Adriano says

    why cant they be my neighbors instead πŸ™ my eardrums have just recovered from last videoke night

  28. Nuggets is my LIFE army says

    Give a mic to a filipino filipinos love to sing πŸ˜…

  29. Angelica Aquino says

    Comments are like
    β€œmost Filipino's can sing”

    Sabi ko nga pipino talaga ako

  30. Ann Portia says

    Hi come to Cordillera the people here are good singers. They really love to sing.

  31. Osamah Flores balaki says

    nakakakilig yung kumanta nung Tenerife Sea ni Ed Sheeraaann waaaaaaaaahhh hingi num. kuya


  32. french potato says

    I feel like I ain't Pinoy anymore HELPPPP my voice is not cooperating

  33. Mio Peralta says

    Are u in UP

  34. Lunatic Dude says

    Should have asked for kids in the slums. Ngl the kids there is very good at rapping like

  35. Mary Antonette says

    Isnt frannie atenean?

  36. Mario says

    1:53 Steven Universe vibe

  37. CHRISTOPHER says


  38. Jerusima Flores says


  39. Whenslie Delamar says

    Kala ko si Mikee yung nasa thumbnail

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