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  1. Camille Cab says

    I am not in favor of political dynasty because for obvious reasons, political dynasty concentrates the power to a particular party. There are far more deserving potentials out there who is destined to serve the nation

  2. CHOCO FILIPINO 88 says

    Recycled POLITICIANS! It's better to recycle TRASH than POLITICIANS! Recycled trash turns into something better. Recycled POLITICIANS turn more into trash and later shit.

  3. Okingnew Superoking says

    Politics its a nice business

  4. porchia lopez says

    I knew that Cory Aquino was not in favor of political dynasty. she was against the Marcos Family. How come then that the members of the Senate and Congress, who are aware of this law, most of them are lawyers  got away with this violation ?. Can the people of the Philippines charge them for violation? Or have they found an excuse not to follow this law?

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