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  1. Making it happen Vlog says

    We discovered this magical place in Dumaguete during our Negros Oriental trip. This is without a doubt the most beautiful waterfall we have ever seen! This is exactly we love living and travelling in the Philippines šŸ˜

  2. Kingsley TvPh says

    August 1 2020 hi every one

  3. Maya Lazo says

    Universal language is a smile šŸ˜Š by: Nelly ā¤ļø

  4. John 3sixten says

    Do some vlog in ASIK ASIK FALLS its so beautiful its a wide water falls

  5. Fons says

    this huge plea against littering after finding 1 beer can, a bit hypocrite is my estimation. I don't believe they never left any trash behind themselves.

  6. Maxel Dutz says

    What is the name of waterfalls?

  7. Benedicto Villanueva says

    Ilike the place

  8. Sally Rasar says

    I canā€™t believe that my birth Country have the most beautiful places to offer than Hawaii or MĆ©xico no comparison šŸ‘ā¤ļøšŸ‡µšŸ‡­āœļøšŸ˜Š

  9. Ryan Austria says

    you should visit Pagsanjan Laguna

  10. Rodolfo Delosa says

    thanks george & nelly on ur "making it happens" vlog, we filipinos so much appreciate all of ur effort to visit & explore our beutiful county! so that many tourist likes u will try to experience nd see how great & wonderful our country i always waching all of ur vlogs regarding ur tours in different places here in philippines nd i also subcribe on ur frieinds "juicy vlogs" thier nice & beautiful "couple" too!!! hope ur having so much fun while staying here. "TAKE CARE ALWAYS GUYS!"

  11. Romeo Ng says

    DOT should sponsor your trips…

  12. Himawan Giri Dahlan says

    Every country has its own unique nature , you cannot compare them. There are many factors besides nature itself, industry, facility, human, weather, emotional, etc. But yeah if you want to attract more views and subscribers from the Philippines, its an understandable title.

  13. Emilda Brookbank says

    Beautiful introduction you guys are amazing breathtaking waterfalls so beautiful view oh my God!! Keep safe,

  14. joel mancio says

    Lady i love your beautiful eyes.

  15. Rolando Caballero says

    Thank you šŸ™so much sharing your btreath taking videosšŸ¤™šŸ¼šŸ¤ŸšŸ¼šŸ˜ā¤ļøitšŸ€to every journey of the šŸŒ“ islands of the Philippines šŸ‡µšŸ‡­

  16. Lellis Lansang says

    If you like to visit more waterfalls, you can go to Iligan City.
    There are two falls in the vicinity:
    a) the majestic Maria Cristina falls which provides electricity to nearby towns and cities
    b) Tinago Falls which is less majestic, but is also a sight to behold. You can view it from the view deck or you can go down the long flight of steps and bathe in the fantastic spray.

  17. Junifer Adlaon says

    Had you been in "ASIK-ASIK RIVER its mind blowing!! So majestic we called it GARDEN OF EDEN!! HAHAHAHA

  18. leeying kho says

    Thank you nelly for being concious about those trash. This made me subscribe to your account happy exploring!

  19. bernardita figueroa says

    made it to the end

  20. JJ Mamenta says

    Nice vlogs,Thanks

  21. GudlyfTV says

    Another entertaining video!


    Thanks …i hope you enjoyed valencia kasaroro falls….preserved nature..love nature protect natureā™„ļøā™„ļøā™„ļø

  23. Arden Christopher Capadocia says

    Whenever i see you guys i can't help but wish you'd do another Baguio vlog soon. (Probably with Juicy team again)

  24. teresa pontillas says

    Watching your vlog from Beirut Lebanon

  25. teresa pontillas says

    Stunning view.

  26. Pinoy Planet says

    That Place Looks So Amazing šŸ¤© Are You Originally From Germany?

  27. Arnold Padalapat says

    Its nice place and the falls was amazing unique,,its more fun in the Philippines???

  28. Reymundo Soriano says

    Hayahay rest,its mean relaxes

  29. Reymundo Soriano says

    Manely your so beuatifulšŸ¤£

  30. Mar says

    You're awesome Nelly, thank you! Yes, if they can bring down something there to the water fall site then they should bring up their garbages (empty water bottles, cans or any plastics) back up and discard it in the trash can. We love you guys!

  31. Mithy amigable says

    I loved your eyes mike and your face looks nice and Nelly too looks pretty you both are amazing

  32. Banana Patch says

    Is the car a rental ?
    Thx !

  33. Ahlysa Vargas says


  34. Cee Factor TRAVEL VLOG says

    I love Philippines!, I'm proud to say to my guests on cruise ship that Philippines is really beautiful far better than some of our ports of call.. I will go to Dumaguete someday! I want to see that waterfalls..

  35. Mochamad Galih says

    Its crazy just island like Bali compare to country the Philippines,,

  36. Cherry Ann Baybay says


  37. KNOWLEDGE is GOOD says

    Philippines and Indonesia are brother…

  38. Drave4Gaming says

    What is the song at min 20:00?

  39. Crizels Vlog - Food and Travel says

    I definitely agree with you guys! Make it Happen. Philippines has the best islands in the world. One of it is El Nido Palawan. Check this out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnYAKD9XoU8&t=249s

  40. Larz Jaylo says

    Thank you for the concern to nature you guys deserved a million subscribers!

  41. Philippine Galura says


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