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  1. jay S says

    party list system is infiltrated by NPA in the Philippines .

  2. SuperSilverRage says

    Too bad Duterte luvs China – Stop hiring Filipinos

  3. Jay Bantayan says

    Abolish the party-list system and strengthen the country's political party system. Party loyalty is almost non-existent in our country. Political parties aren't consistent with their ”ideologies”. We know political parties not because of their ideologies but because of the people or the family behind it. We should also set rules to those political butterflies (balimbing), people whose loyalty to their party quickly changes whenever there's a new administration. Just look at the House of Representatives. The Senate, not very much because the majority may be allied with the Executive but they're 24 independent republics and vote in according or in contrast with what the Lower House or thr Executive wants.

  4. Nash John says

    Bakit ganyan kasi? Political Parties must be established by their political IDEOLOGIES not by being marginalized. Philippines must go back to Two Party System.

  5. Concepcion Alvarez says

    Will the people of the Philippines be aware that in chosing the speaker of the house in Congress no one in the executive branch will be dictating who will be the speaker of the house the separation of powers will prevails I would like to get the attention of the daughter of our President to stop meddling on that affairs she better do sentrate on her mayor ship and wait if she herself became the President wait for her time but p l.j ease don't show the people who vote and trust your father to be their leader not to be their dictator don't show action that you rule in everything avoid the dirty politics by dictating who will seat as the speaker of the house because their should be a. Separation of power on that point it is on our constitution that their must be a legislative judicial and the executive separate from each other so that there will not be an abuse of power and there will be a check and balance in the government I pray that our good President should see to it the trust of the people is his priority please Mr President help the people to have their rights to be protected .

  6. Maria Cecilia Degan says

    Ang dapat lang maalis sa party-list system eh ang mga yellow administration, very corrupted sa bansa,kung wala sila the country will be safer?

  7. Pacito Dez says

    Walang mali sa party list system, ang problema ay ang political dynasties at mga politikong parang mga matsing na palipatlipat ng mabibitinan.

  8. Michel Etienne Sartre says

    I never really get the partylist system… I find it useless much like SK.

  9. John Aries Pineda says

    The wrong is mali

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