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  1. Rue says

    Pre colonial food of the Philippines yeah!

  2. Mccoy Marcus says

    So another 2 years?

  3. i me says

    Nasaan ang kapwa ko Filipino?

  4. Russ Ramos says

    Andrew Zimmern is an overfed Otter.

  5. Avril Mercado says

    spanish colonized the Philippines for 333 years just sharin

  6. RQ entrep says

    Sorry, I can't hear you, OVER THE SOUND OF MY PRIDE. 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  7. Sherwin Santin says

    LIst of Some Filipino Foods and Desserts https://youtu.be/nq6bgDRrgAI

  8. Mykeel FV says

    pagpag is the best, a must try food

  9. Basil Lopez says

    Oh gosh I could attest to this, almost everything we ate during our vacation in the Philippines were really good. And that roast pig you see, it's ridiculously good. I think by far, Filipinos have the most balanced taste on food. Although there are times that they make it a bit salty because they always pair it with rice.

  10. Pauline Delos Reyes says

    Asian secret ingredient is MSG.

  11. JAKE KKOKAY says

    it's 333 years

  12. wind pams says

    We also have the cleanest preparation of foods and simple ingredients when it comes to cooking… we like salty-acidic taste which best complement to the rice.

  13. Daniel Roq Cabatan says

    Inasal/Lechon baboy (pork)
    Inasal/Lechon Manok (chicken)
    Bola bola
    Spaghetti with hotdog
    Tortang talong
    Tinolang manok
    Tinolang isda (fish)
    Sinigang na manok
    Sinigang na baboy
    Sinigang na bangus
    Sinigang na hipon (shrimp)
    Puso ng saging (heart of the banana) literal translation
    Linat-an na baboy
    Malunggay na may adobo
    And many more

  14. Daniel Roq Cabatan says

    Banana ketchup will dominate the world….

  15. Half Dead says

    3 years later

  16. Charles Maersk says

    Filipino pride intensifies as the overly proud filipinos annoyingly introducing themselves in 3..2..1.. As the overly proud filipinos are thirsty for a global validation.

  17. Joseph Stalin says

    Putang ina sikat na tayo mga pinoy😂😂

  18. Oruen Elmshade says

    This video was 3yrs ago. Could've happened, if only Filipinos stop from pranking their friends with Balut ang Dinuguan. 😅

  19. Peradoce1 says

    PH food is good but one caution: TOO FATTY. Eat a lot of Roasted Pig ( LECHON ) and you end up having FATTY LIVER- NO JOKE! Thus I avoid them as much as possible now . Even a friend of mine who is in his mid 20's have been diagnosed with FATTY liver! Needless to say, eat Filipino food but avoid eating a lot those FATTY ONES cause those ROASTED PIG ( LECHON ) , HOMBA, LECHON KAWALI , etc.. will come back and BITE you in your rear end health-wise.

  20. Lehra Saquian says

    3 years now, nothing's happening.

  21. paradox says

    Spanish colonized philippines 333 years to be exact.

  22. Ken CV says

    300 plus years not almost 500

  23. Mr787 Takium says

    Its just 300 years not 500 years

  24. Oscar Lopez says

    1st place Mexican food 2nd place Filipino food in America

  25. Tinee Johnston says

    Yes make chicken adobo with white rice on Monday and pork adobo with brown rice on Tuesday lol but true yummm ❤️❤️❤️🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭😇😇😇🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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