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  1. Watch the ULTIMATE Filipino ALCOHOL taste test! (Lambanog, Ginebra,, and more!) https://youtu.be/YE1I05hgTgA

  2. Kruger Savage says

    San Miguel should sponsor this dude. He's a great guy.

  3. Nic Galano says

    Some Filipino don’t eat the duck in balot hehe 😉

  4. Cat Javier says

    omg all the good stuff 😋😋😋

  5. Swedish American says

    The super tiny dried anchovy fish for breakfast are dilis. So those can be as a separate food.
    Few Filipinos eat Dinuguan with anything but rice.

  6. Swedish American says

    Most friendly beautiful people on earth! The cuisine is world class! Way underrated.

  7. Swedish American says

    My wife is from Luzon, Olongapo and Pampanga. There are many foods from Visaya and Mindanao she has not tried. She never had Bicol express until I cooked it for her. She had not had some street food like the banana cue or Isaw either.
    It's amazing how popular Bulalo became do to shows like this on youtube. When we were there in 96-2001 we never saw that dish. Beef Nilaga but not Bulalo. On our last visit last October it was everywhere and for good reason.

  8. Clark Flores says

    The little dried fish you should take off the head

  9. Clark Flores says

    I like balut
    You need to dip it in salt and vinegar

  10. Mark jashua undangan says

    You're eating the balut wrong . You need to deep it in vinegar or while eating balut you drink the vinegar , and also dont eat it whole at once . Its step by step lol

  11. Philips John Stevens says

    Filipino are friendly to u coz ur handsome but if ur not handsome they are so rude

  12. Sammy Chavez says

    Your face when you ate soup Number 5 – priceless – worth a thousand words.

  13. Lei Lopez says

    8:27 HAHAHAAHA

  14. Raijin Kun says

    Just started followin' ur videos. I very much enjoyed it. Keep it up man.

  15. Jeffrey salceda says

    1:54 replay button

  16. El Jsk says

    You almost puked on the best ones there is… balut and soup no.5? Pinapaitan will clearly amaze you…

  17. Michael Fuentes says

    hahaha sumablay sa balut!!🤣🤣

  18. Rodnie Floyd de Guzman says

    For me i only like mcdonald is the burger

  19. Rodnie Floyd de Guzman says

    Lol that balut is legendary 😁

  20. Hero YT says

    Kinain yung Sili na green sa Sisig HAHAHAHA

  21. joseph odad says

    Im a Filipino but i never tried balut

  22. Felomina Horner says

    I like your dogs so cute

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