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  1. Sharon Ruiz says

    lagi akong nahiya sa aking kayumanggi balat bilang isang filipino

  2. Tim Cook says

    Filipinos are very diverse. Some are too white, some are dark and some are medium. There arent much "too dark" filipinos. Just brown or white usually. No one is really too dark there. Too dark filipinos are not common thats why they would play a joke on you if you are too dark because too dark there is not common.

  3. Gerard Pegenia says

    Proud moreno here

  4. Mangesh Chalan says

    India doesn't sound asian until this matter starts 😂😂😂😂……..the whole Asia has this issue.

  5. ms. panda says

    Im here right now because I'm really scared to actually tell my parents I'm dating someone who's black. I'm already brown and i have fairly curly hair because i am only half filipino and half puerto rican. While my mom (full filipina) makes comments a lot against darker skin, my dad (puerto rican) is always making jabbing comments towards other hispanics that I've dated in the past. It's so overwhelming and I'm just so thankful for this discussion, in the video and in the comments of everyone telling their personal experiences.

  6. Sebastian Cruz says

    You four really represent what Filipinos are. Some would look more white, some more hispanic, some more asian and some more black. Unlike more homogenous Asian countries or racially segregated Anglo countries – Filos are more like latin america where you have all the mix in between.

  7. LuluBanunu912 says

    LOL!!! This is sooo the SJSU Akabyan group because I see my adings in this XD Love the work and engagement!

    It's so funny because so some level and degree, I feel you can tell where a family's background is from based on the skin color. I've always seen SOME folks of brown and moreno color as people from the Southern Islands and SOME people of light skin of the metro Manila area. Granted of course, I say some because there are some people who just so happen to be of darker skin because of other reasons.

    Much love to you!

  8. cindy mananzala martinez says

    To be fair, Colorism is not only prevalent in Filipino culture, but generally in the Asian culture.

  9. G Bendicion says

    11:49 is the one of the good reasons Filipinos don't racially discriminate. Yes, Many Filipinos look at the skin and use it to gauge a person, but I'm also certain that Filipinos also look at you as still a Filipino no matter how small a percentage it is and will make you feel as if you are part of their community.

  10. G Bendicion says

    Oh the guy's from Antique :O

  11. cuenta pagar says

    If you are state side it means your family is probably upper class and cause of island problems – you can help by not influencing islands with state side culture and stopping the return to government of racist spanish casta hacienderos like mar cos, enr ile, est rada.

  12. cuenta pagar says

    state-side, everyone including police flyers, schools, and census teach shame to minority and mixed races, they deny natives, in 1902 they classified islanders as blacks, then spanish, then chinese – never as native austronesians who defeated old master and resisted new master – the thomasites (original peace corps) taught shame for native identity- hence fear of being brown or native – islanders became mixed natives with huge inferiority complex (new colonialism/slavery) – so we ask our state side children to have compassion and stop hating your island siblings because you are free of island slavery but are not subject to state side slavery.

  13. KpopNiDontStop says

    Its sad that this problem exist all through out Asia.

  14. jupidar_ says

    Really appreciate that ya'll are facilitating this conversation. I love my Filipino culture, the REAL, indigenous, true culture, not the part that has been shaped by colonialism.

  15. Mr. Red says

    Intresting, especially my Filipina girlfriend is a "white" mestiza from Cebu, she told me she got preferential treatment due to her fair complexion. One time she hot sun burned and she hated it because she said her face looked like a piece of lechon. LOL

  16. Romeo Civilino says

    Identity Politics, Political Correctness, Cancel Culture and Snowflakes Liberals starting to bring their Toxic Western Ideologies here in the Philippines.

  17. santiago h says

    Stop using filipinx

  18. mimi says

    ko ay half Filipino and half black. Pinanganak sa pilipinas. At nandito na sa US. I was so discriminated against it has scarred me for like. Imagine an kid getting teased and bullied for my skin and natural hair. I was called TAE growing up. I was deemed less attractive and was not asked by out by men. Mind you I went to private school in manila my whole time I was there in the hope that I would be discriminated against.Its truly sad 😔 . I wanted to stay but needed to leave. Being a female and black I was seen less than seconds class citizen

  19. kenma kozume says

    I find it okay for skin whitening if people want to be happy. But, if they are doing it to "please" other people's standards and discriminating others is not it.

  20. Drew Duenas says

    Is this even a real thing?

  21. palaski Channel101 says

    The girl is literally Chinese she is Filipino but she has Chinese blood "Lee"

  22. Sunny Island says

    Filipino are among Most Beautiful Maganda People in All the World.

    Beautiful Brown
    Copper-Bronze Sunshine bathed
    Song Like Language
    Love Spirit Soul Expanding

    Beholding Embracing Goodness

  23. Cedric Bennett says

    It is sad because we really don't know our colors. We have to stop identifying with colors. There is no country called "BLACK, WHITE, BROWN, AND/OR YELLOW.

  24. nick chase says

    The discussion is good but the audio needs improvement

    and Im already in 100% volume both in the website and the device
    though this could be like a aphorism for how vocal we are about colorism in Asia particularly in the Philippines

  25. luna key says

    I guess the colonial mindset is clearly present in us. I went through that phase of hating myself because of what I look due to bullying. Im okay now and only I can speak for myself. I taught myself with our roots and it really helped me with acceptance. I think we should go back and start researching about who we are and our roots cuz guys!! we are an amazing bunch.

    I'd suggest kirby Arraullo for more information

  26. Tallahassee El Bey says

    Do you what the word color means or black means as a colour and there's no such thing as a light skin people who you go to a store in a mall and ask for a light skin jacket

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