• I am in recovery and have been for three years I am a great dad and hard worker facing some bs charges I did not do three years ago I am facing jail time but I will not let this stop me from using herb I have PTSD and suffer mental illness I can't sleep and in a lot of pain I can't have pain meds anymore and without this therapy I couldn't be the super dad I am today I won't break and I won't let anything stop me anymore from being who I am and this is what I need not want so uptight people enough time to let herb in and stop deadly pills

  • He needs to run for president

  • I totally agree with medical marijuana for sure. I don’t even smoke it but I am completely in agree with it being legal in all states

  • I just it's the worst mistake your your counties ever going to make we we did it here and there's so many kids on that stuff it ain't helping nothing they're taking it from their parents bring it to schools and you tell me that's going to help your county

  • I'm am in full favor for use against opioid use. I'm 100% for it sign me up and who do I need to vote for. You got my whole families support.

  • About time

  • Just decriminalize and put the cartels out of business

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