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  • How money made pot illegal?

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  • Nice movie. However, it is worth reaching for oils from Weedborn.

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  • Marijuana is by far less harmful then alcohol and tobacco yet alcohol and tobacco are legal on a federal level. The government needs to stop their shit on marijuana and legalize it fully. The money that could be made.

  • The controversy of marijuana and federal law

  • I’m a fierce advocate against addictive mind altering drugs of all sorts. Drug addiction destroy lives, families, leading causes of homelessness, mental illness, crime, and danger to communities; thus increases extensive governmental spending in order to remedy this moral dilemma. What a tragic waste of financial resources that could have helped the disabled, seniors, and veterans etc..

    Doesn’t matter whether the banks can allow cannabis businesses to open accounts or not. Most of these businesses are just a front for the black market. Most of their customers are more likely to purchase in cash anyway, so that there’s no paper trail on their part, especially if those are employed with certain institutions or associations.

    Commercial property owners/landlords should not grant leases to cannabis business owners. To do so, would raise the risk of crime, as well as other liabilities. If landlords take bribes by accepting 2-3x’s the lease rate likely in cash, the crime factors increases, putting all tenants at risk.

    I say no banking, no renting, no leasing, or any other accommodation for anything affiliated with the cannabis industry.
    It’s a slippery downward slope. 🚫

  • Give.the proceeds to the debt reduction of the US treasury..
    U will turn the US into ur debtor..and u will have surety rights over the US ..
    They will agree to setoff all charges including court charges in ur life..
    U will have declared peace…with the world debt accountant of ur Name..
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  • During the Bush Administration, they created a banking model to insure that ILLEGALS can get loans and banking services and to aid them in sending money to Mexico. It is called "Direct to Mexico" or "Direct a Mexico". Isn't crossing our border illegally a Federal crime?

  • Dam banks.

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