These Illegal Drugs Are Important Medicines | The War on Drugs

These Illegal Drugs Are Important Medicines | The War on Drugs

A hidden effect of the War on Drugs – people across the world are unable to get medicines they actually need. From delays in access and research into …




  • Who abuses Valium . I have a bottle of Xanax right next to me and could care less. Just makes me sleep so does Tylenol pm

  • Australia shows prohabition doesnt work , everything is banned or illegal .
    Cannabis is 400 to $600 an ounce illegal or $300 for a tiny bottle of cannabis oil prescription

  • A petty reality that ciggerates are not banned but opioids are.

  • But heroin has been scientifically and medically proven to cause organ damage, cannabis has been proven to cause schizophrenia FACT!!!

  • My ma had brain surgery and they gave her liquid paracetamol for her pain. Eventually, the doctors just sedated her until she was out of the pain zone because they weren’t allowed to prescribe it. Fucking useless!

  • Cancer "in full remission" after cannabis oil drop…OK.

  • a world like this deserves to die, it's the best solution I can think of. Maybe one day monkeys will enjoy nature again without these mafia ridden governments.

  • Hi, i am incredibly greatful to Vice and the authors of war on drugs for doing these videos, they help to unstigmatize drug use in any ways(recreational and medical).I think that future world will quit THE WAR ON DRUGS ITSELF, and start really helping people in despair(most of the addicts), not even talking about medical use .I almost cry when i watch war on drugs sometimses, cuz i am an former addict myself, and i have a dream of drugs and people in its contex are treated with love not hate!!!

  • but what if gangs choose flualprazolam or clonazolam instead of etizolam which is really good for anxiety, for me only lorazepam is better to fight agoraphobia..

  • No fucking way he takes 80 benzos a day

  • Obey Law and Follow Rules
    Against Illegal Drugs Saling
    Stop The Drugs Users
    Put Low Life Criminals Who Are Dealers and Users Behind Bars

  • Pre gabalin is a problem now In the uk

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  • Fun fact: Alcohol has killed 3 times as many people as opiates since 1997 according to the CDC and NIH. (last time I checked, not sure whether that has been doctored by now or what)

  • thanks for this episode! prohibition kills people.

  • If u can't get morphine in India grow opium and use that if u have no other choice or buy h and eat lil pices
    . Sorry if I'm on my death bed in pain its a no brainer

  • Wow Hey bro👆👆👆 (name above the arrow) this is Just a comment of 'Thanks'. The (WEED) arrive on time and are great

  • "I've had 80 a day already" lol guys sloshed (not funny I know…)

  • I almost died of the withdrawals of clonazolam, etizolam and deschloroetizolam. Could not talk, walk, close or open my eyes, swallow(needed methadone), 15 grand-mal seizures, over 20 seizures. 1 month in the ICU and 1 and a half of recovery in the hospital. To get me to function again I have to take, daily, 180mgs methadone, 270 mgs of diazepam, .5 mg clonidine, 40mg baclofen, 3mg nabilone, 80mgs propranolol and 200mgs testosterone injections by weekly. Plus a lot of strong indica. I’m 27, be careful everyone, I had my dream job, my son, beautiful apartment and now I live alone in a room taking my drugs too high to work. Bless you all

  • And yet the US, where the war on drugs originated, is hypocritically claiming to be on the side of freedom in Ukraine. What a laugh. People have spent a lifetime in jail for smoking a joint of marijuana. Russia may be an "autocracy" but the US is a "police state."

  • Brilliant idea. Defund treatment and Detox centers, while Doctors got everyone hooked on pain meds and Diazepam. Mix with heroin and you have the perfect storm for instant overdose. Mix that in with fentanyl and they're dead in a few hours. Seattle has the some issue. Now they think allowing for safe injection centers instead of Detox centers is a better idea! It's criminal the stupidity of politicians.

  • My god. I live in the UK,
    I lost my nan yesterday and she was in pain for years and required medical opioids until she passed. The thought of humans in other countries being not allowed any pain relief, over any amount of time makes me sick.
    Why does medication have to carry such a heavy price tag in so many other countries!?

  • I'm SO glad and relieved to see due attention paid to the "other opioid epidemic"– i.e. the lack of adequate, necesary, and HUMANE pain management by medical professionals….. so much needless suffering…. 💔

  • Trump did something similar here, just decided to put all of these laws in place where a lot of doctors just cut people off of their opiates. Pharmacists refusing to fill doctor written prescriptions afraid they will lose their pharmaceutical license because of the threats of the Trump policies and new law's. Now people are forced to buy from the street and often are getting fentanyl laced drugs that kill them. Our overdose deaths have went crazy. For myself I have been disabled for at least 15 years, had multiple back surgeries and just had my back broken by a cop last September. Why? Because I was doing everything I could to get off these opiates and had decided to just stop and was on my 17th day clean. Still having some of the worst depression and anxiety of my life, but I refused to take any more pills. I got where I was afraid I was just going to kill myself and my mom asked me to come over. As I'm driving there, crying, I started to have a full blown anxiety attack and pulled over. About 5 minutes later a cop pulled up behind me asked me to get out of my car,never asked what was going on with me. He seen a small scab on my ankle, picked it off and said that's where I shot up. I've NEVER even seen that stuff much less done it. My thing was snorting OXY 30's, I've never even thought of shooting up and definitely don't know how. So he handcuffs me and tells me to get in the backseat. There was literally no room for my legs, I cannot bend the way normal people do because of all the hardware in my back. I told the officer this numerous times and he just laughed and said these cars aren't made for guys your size,then slammed me into the backseat, instantly giving me a compression fracture of the spine. Some of the worst pain I've been in and I was screaming. They didn't even get me medical attention, refused to do so. As soon as I got out of jail I was forced to go back on pain pills and now I'm really screwed with them. Trump made it a law that doctor's cannot prescribe past a certain dose,no matter what your pain level is or how long you have been on an opiate. As we all know that with time they do need to be increased a little for them to still work for the patient.

  • Love Xanax and pretty much all benzos

  • Are you glorifying drugs?.

  • Dutchie here, from what I know weed has always been legal here.

  • I like Heroin. I do. But, it don't like me. Nodding out feels amazing. Going to prison while in full blown withdrawl is not.

  • Please make a video about tabaco use in India

  • Big time opiate user here. The trouble (in my perspective) always came with the benzos. That was where my friends died, or got in car wrecks. Not saying opiates were better. I've only blacked out 3x in my life. Everytime xanax was involved.

  • I have lupus… and many other health problems because of it. Because of opioid abuse in the US, i can not get pain control medication. Im treated like a drug addict anytime i discuss my pain levels and need for something to control it.

  • I feel so naïve, as a nurse in the global north who has taken for granted that patients can get the pain relief they need, I am unable to cope with the agony and despair that the patients in the global south must feel when they can't access decent pain relief. So outrageous. How can they be allowed to suffer like this?

  • Marijuana is medicine it always has been it ALWAYS WILL BE

  • for me personaly canabis or weed what you call it doesnt matter. i have some menthal issues for me weed makes me more panic and psyghotic not in a dangerous way but it is no god for my brain. but i see lots of people that are close to me that take it as a medication. weed is not a drugs like hard drug coca amp or meth it is for a lot of people a medicine. for example a take ritalin for ADD and Xanax for panics attacks so what is more damaging to body do the math…… i take legal chemycals i benefit from and weed is considert a drug bull………….. you know the rest and for me weed is not good but its not about me it helps a lot of people.

  • Brighton so long is that the little kids playing with some weeds

  • i ve got the TRAINSPOTTING refence and i am from brazil…………. LOL

  • war on us government not war on drugs, that's roots of all evil work begun.

  • Why use drugs when you can drink some jenkem?!

  • Its a shame Etizolam became banned by the UN.. It helped me get sober off all drugs even off Etizolam. It was my miracle maker and i know it could help everyone else out through withdrawals.

  • I suffer from chronic neurological issues and I hate how your treated to want a better quality of life. People who truly hurt aren’t abusing them you get treated horribly.

  • I really appreciate how the weed Distiller guy does his services for free 🙏🏽

  • I live in Sweden. Addicts gets Subutex. And people like me get fucked in the ass to increase the pain…

  • “The difference between medicine and poison is in the dose.” -Circa Survive

  • Education that’s how you do it.

  • If you treat a substance abuse problem in your 20s.u get very sick but have to learn about it in another state,and u go home no one treats u for being sick.they expect u to die in pain.cuz they won't give u pain relief,cuz of history,and keep playing games with your life.makes me want to just give up.

  • Only medicines that make you feel good are controlled substances

  • war on drugs my ass. more like war on certain types of people.

  • THIS IS THE MIGHTY UN The Left is in Love with Policies. The UN is little by little ratifying Treaties . The UN SMALL ARMS BILL IS SIGNED AND WAITING TO BE RATIFIED .

  • Mexico is not in the List Friend. You can walk from the US into Mexican Pharmacies and get Pain Pills in Fact get anything you want. Without a Prescription. Not to mention Mexico Produces Heroin & Opioids Base POPPIES ARE grown. SO DON'T TELL ME THERE IS NO PAIN RELIEF IN MEXICO.

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