Travel To Philippines | History And Documentary About Philippines In Urdu & Hindi | فلپائن کی سیر

Travel To Philippines | History And Documentary About Philippines In Urdu & Hindi | فلپائن کی سیر

Travel To Philippines | Full History And Documentary About Philippines In Urdu & Hindi | فلپائن کی سیر
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Amazing Facts And Urdu History And Documentary About Philippines
Aik naye Din aor aik nai video k saath aap ka ye dost aap ki khidmat men salaam pash karta Hon, aaj men aap logon ko siar k lye lay kar jaa raha hon bohat say jazeron par mushtamil jnobi asia k hamil aik mulk Philippines ki, aor is video men ham aap ko Philippines ki sair k saath bohat c dilchaspmalomaat say bhi agaah karnywaaly hen,
Philippines ka rakba 300000 murabah kilometer hay aor raqbay k lehaaz say dunia bhar men 72 number par aata hay, Philippines men 2017 men lgaaye aik andaazy k mutabiq 10.50 cror afrad rehaish pazer hen aor abaadi k lehaz say dunia men 12 number par aata hay, Philippines ki 92% abaadi Esaai hay 5% Muslim aor baaqi dosray mzaahib k manny waaly hen,
Philippines 4 july 1946 ko azaad howa tha aor ye jnobi asia men sab say pahla azaadi paany wala mulk hay, Philippines kay baary men agar dilchasp hqaaiq ki baat ki jaaye to Manila shehar Philippines ka daralhkomat hay jo k Philippines ka sab gunjaan abaadi waala shehar bhi hay,
Philippines ka calling code +63 hay, Philippines waqat k lehaaz say pakistan say 3 ghantay aagay hen aor Philippines ka taleemi rate 96% hay, Philippines asia men sab say zyada christion logon ka hamil mulk hay tabhi christmis Philippines men sab say lamba chalta rehta hay, Philippines ki larkion k bary mashhor hay k wo chand paison ki khatir kisi kaaly goray ya sanwly shaks ki mehboa banny k lye raazi ho jaati hen,
Philippines ki larkian hotles msaaj center aor bohat say kaaly dhandon men dosry mumalik men kaam karti hen, agar ye baat kahi jaaye k aik Philippines ki larki k hissay men 3 boyfriends aaty hen to ye kehna bhi bay ja na ho ga, Philippines dunia men mojod aik aisa mulkhay jis k jhandy men neela rang oper dekhnay ko millayga magar jang men neela rang nechy kar dia jaata hay jab k surakh rang oper kar dia jaata hay,
Philippines ki nurses dunia bhar k hospitals men apny fraaiz sar injaam day rahi hen dunia men taqreban 25% nurses Philippines ki hoti hen aik andaazy k mutaabiq pori dunia k shoping malls men 3 bary shoping malla Philippines men mojod hen, Philippines ki 26% abaadi bohat zayda ghareeb hay, dunia men sab say zyada coconut ki pedawaar Philippines men hi hoti hay,
Aaj ki ye video agar aap dosto ko psand i ho to is video ko like Aur Apne dosto ke sath zror share krden.
Agli Video Tak Mujhe Den Ijazat Tab Tak ke Liye
Allah Nigeheban

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  • In the Philippines, one can create enmities within the neighborhood by cooking nice food especially when you are a foreigner. The highest is when frying chicken. One will hear one or two neighbors getting very aggravated, jealous and angry. But mind you these people may not be your immediate neighbor. They may be from opposite building Amanda nearby. With my studies of people in the Philippines. I came to a conclusion that dogs are higher intelligently than some people over there in the Philippines. Dogs now has elevated and can sniff and detect cancer, corona virus. But in the Philippines, I have seen people trying so hard to perceive excrete even on Monday morning. Lots of people lack even the knowledge of nature. Most people over there knows nothing. No people on earth waste time like most people in the Philippines. I guess that’s the reason why they achieve less even when they get old and passes on. Their government are really really trying for them. Most burial are being sponsored by the local arm of government which is referred to as Barangay. When I studies the people there though-roughly, I stopped giving old beggars money. Cos I’m definitely sure that when they were young and strong, they wasted their time on mostly things that add no value to their life. Can one believe that Philippine people love to announce to odor of excrete. They love this act more than jolibee which is a popular fast food chain in the Philippines. Some people their are always in a race to echo BAHO to any kind of odor and I noticed that they are most fulfilled and happy when they perceive excrete. Most Philippines people are so super dirty. Cockroach is like pet in some people’s house. If those cockroach did not fly, it’s not disturbing anyone. One need to have few friends in the Philippines and visit their houses, some houses, you can’t even breath fine. But as a foreigner I won’t want to show the impression cos I just don’t want them to feel insulted. Everything done by a foreigner is a big deal in the Philippines. Food is a very very huge and big deal in the Philippines. You will be hated at if they always perceive good aroma ejecting from your apartment. I used to wonder, even ants that does not work or labor do eat with no fellow ant getting aggravated, why will humans be angry that another human is eating or preparing something to eat. Mind you all these act and ordeal can never be seen or detected if you are just paying a visit to the Philippines. Cos when you visit, ofcourse you are likely to stay in an hotel, ofcourse Philippines people will always refer to you by Sir/Mam. But when you live among the locals. One will detect all these. Countable people are ok. But it’s a pure lie that Philippines people are hospitality people. People that are angry for the food you bought with your hard earn money despite that fact that they hardly let foreigners foreigners work and food stuffs you bought from these same market they bought theirs. You know most Philippines people prefer to use their money for what to put in the head and buy little food to eat. No doubt rice is Cheap in the Philippines. You will see when most of them eat, the rice is so many but the fish or egg or what they refer to as ULAM is so so super little. So when you that knows the value of eating good food start preparing your food in your house, you will notice them echoing BAHO (means bad smell) and one can feel THE Symptoms of anger in the BAHO. The BAHO whey whey sound different to the one they echo when they perceive excrete. Many people in the Philippines just lack a single home training. Where I come from, when a child is as little is 3 years of age, you will be taught not to let your eyes goes into other people’s food. Even a child will be taught if you are hungry and being offered food from anyone outside your home, you have to respond by saying you just ate and you are ok and thank you. But grown ups in the Philippines will be angry by just perceiving aroma of food even without seeing it. Even I have some neighbors opposite the apartment I stayed, they just want to listen to the sound of the pot, and their angry BAHO will kick start. One can agree that they really lack home training. I hate it when people say Philippines is a religious country. hell no. When one hears microphone, it’s 100% likely that it’s a karaoke. And karaoke for them is anytime. Even on Monday morning. Many people lack knowledge in the Philippines. I bet you majority can’t recite our Lord’s Prayer in the Philippine. It’s no where near a religious country. Never pity old people begging money in the Philippines, they have wasted their youthful years gossiping about useless things like what soap another person uses for shower, or what’s that person cooking or eating… they even differentiate and measure the excrete of MR A TO MR B. THE MOST USELESS AND MEANINGLESS ACT I TRULY HAVE SEEN IN MY EXISTENCE WAS IN THE PHILIPPINES. IM BEING REALISTIC AND I DONT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE. EXCEPT SAYING THE TRUTH IS A BAD THING TO DO

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