SEA Games 2019: Philippines promotes national sports

SEA Games 2019: Philippines promotes national sports

As hosts of the Southeast Asian Games, the Philippines get to introduce sports they know they will be good at.
One such sport is an ancient Filipino martial art called Arnis. Competitors have been training hard to make sure they bring home gold, but also to make sure the sport gets the attention it deserves.

Al Jazeera’s Jamela Alindogan reports from Manila.

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  • Arnis is just one of the fighting system of Kali, Kali is combined bare hand combat, single and double sword, and disarming techniques of kali

  • Now i know where all the golds come from..

  • Arnis should be included in our school curriculum(primary and secondary education). It will teach us discipline and how to defend oneself aside from giving us national identity.

  • This looks like glorified stick fighting.

  • flailing a stick like an idiot is a filipino sport? what a joke

  • Is this a joke? Maybe beyblade can become a sport too.

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