The Philippines New Mega Sports Facility

The Philippines New Mega Sports Facility

A stunning architectural facility that even got nominated in the “Stadium of the Year” awards. This stunning project is located in no other than the newly grand project called the New Clark City.

Courtesy of Budji + Royal, Department of Tourism(PH), BCDA, Government of the Philippines




The Philippines’ newest world-class sports facility has finally taken shape. Yes, this is the New Clark City Sports Hub, a 60-hectare development, which comes with an Athletic Stadium, Aquatic Center, and Athletes’ Village. The same venue also hosted the southeast Asian Games back in 2019, where over 5000 competitors participated.

The main attraction of this is the Athletics stadium as this facility was built on an area of over 270,000 square meters of land and has a seating capacity of over 20,000 people. It is even designed to withstand the deadliest earthquakes in the world, and it indeed almost won the stadium of the year award in 2019.

The Sports Complex has nine 400-meter running tracks, which were affirmed by the International Association of Athletics Federations as a Class 1 classification, meaning that the Philippines could now host the Olympic Games.

This structure additionally has an outdoor warm-up zone with four 400-meter lanes and an indoor warm-up space with two 100-meter lanes. Yet, what makes the Athletic Stadium stand apart is the particular shading that has been utilized for the steel bars and sections. This shading was made and protected by BUDJI + ROYAL Architects—the engineering firm behind the applied plan of New Clark City—to copy the shade of lava originating from Mt. Pinatubo. And even the dividers were produced using lahar and volcanic debris, rather than the typical concrete blend. The seats, then again, have orange and dim hues organized randomly, which create the general enhanced visualization of streaming lava. The utilization of substituting hues, unexpectedly, is a stunt used by arenas around the globe to make the dream of a pressed setting.

Meanwhile, the 2,000-seater Aquatic Center is similarly stunning. It was authorized by the International Swimming Federation, making it appropriate for global rivalries, for example, the Southeast Asian Games and even the Olympics. The Aquatic Center highlights three swimming pools: an Olympic-sized pool, 10 lanes at a depth of three meters, a preparation pool, which is 50 meters by 21 meters with a bottom of two meters, and a jumping pool, which is 25 meters by 25 meters with a height of five meters. The design of the Aquatic Center takes after the structure of a Christmas lamp. Locally known as parol, the occasion embellishment is one of Pampanga’s most notable items—especially San Fernando, also recognized as the Christmas capital of the Philippines. San Fernando likewise hosts the Giant Lantern Festival, a major festival of lights, music, and parol every December.

Aside from the sports facilities, the New Clark City Sports Hub also houses the Athlete’s Village, which is slated to be the home of the country’s national athletes. It has 525 units and can accommodate up to 1,000 people. The residence also has its own swimming pool and basketball court. Leading to the Athlete’s Village is the River Park Corridor, which is a boardwalk with pocket gardens and green spaces stretching along the 1.4-kilometer riverbank.

This project had a total cost of over 6 billion pesos, but over 4 billion was used in the Stadium alone. The Bases Conversion Development Authority was the one responsible for constructing this infrastructure, along with contracted local architecture firm Budji + Royal, structural engineers coming from the United States, AECOM and MTD Philippines as its main contractor.
The venue will be co-financed by the Philippine Sports Commission along with other unidentified programs.


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