100 Years of Beauty: Philippines | Research Behind the Looks | Cut

100 Years of Beauty: Philippines | Research Behind the Looks | Cut

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About 100 Years of Beauty:
A face from the past tells us everything about the present. Blur past the last century in 100 Years of Beauty, the iconic hair and makeup time-lapse series.

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100 Years of Beauty: Philippines | Research Behind the Looks | Cut





  • Follow Chan on instagram at @hellomingo !

  • got triggered when the researcher said, "all the corruption"

  • Bakit andito si Melai Cantilever 😂🤣

  • I’m a Filipina and my skin color is more on yellowish tan haha..

  • Had to watch this since my loving gf is Filipina LOL

  • Thank You for featuring our Forever First Lady Mrs. Imelda Marcos! She is the standard of beauty and brains! 🇵🇭

  • Why did he skip the 50s, 70s, 90s, etc?

  • No Filo make version

  • Mabuhay ang ganda ng Pilipinas!

  • In the 1910s Filipinos were already wearing The Barot saya with the panwelos , tapis etc

  • 640 dislikes?

  • The truth is most Spaniards who came to the Philippines are from Andalucia, Basque Region, and Madrid. Greeks from Malta, as well as Italians from Sardinia, arrived with them; then French from Gibraltar and Camargue migrated to the Philippines too and the Portuguese settled in many provinces too. These people started to call themselves “FILIPINOS.” They wanted to break away from the power of the KING OF SPAIN. Only those “Castilians, Argentinians and Mexicans are loyal to the king during that time.” They studied and learned all the native dialects in the country; they mixed the Spanish creoles “Ermiteño and Basque Caviteño” with the local dialects and created the “TAGALA” known as TAGALOG. The Native locals of the country were called “ INDIOS.” They thought they were similar with the Incans, Aztecs, and Pacific Islanders.” Governor Narciso Claveria not only imposed the Spanish Names but FORCE ALL OF THESE EUROPEANS TO Intermarry WITH THE LOCALS. NOLI ME TANGERE explains that the “MODERN FILIPINOS are a mixture of EUROPEANS, LATINOS, AND ASIANS.”

  • The irony of some degrading us or the idea of being a maid (which is a totally decent and totally not easy job) …yet we slay as well in the beauty pageants…and some had to spend millions on beauty. It's all natural for us. 🙂

  • Damn

  • Lol 😂 I like how this video completely ignores the American Colonial history over Philippines and paints Philipino women in the 1900s from a western perspective while there are already highly developed cities and society in Philippines to the point that they are already waging independence war against American colonisation.
    In case you don’t know Philippines were under American colonisation until 1946.

  • Oh so Philippines by rite by pure their featurea r more as shown since get with mix their features getting more ..what to says…hmmm fine
    …n..cn says mixlh….most ..just note ..

  • We can realize in between year of 1980's and above. Many Filipino women tried to get western genetic in order to get a new breed gen. And when the child growing up, mother will pursue the child for entertainment biznis like modelling, acting,and even Miss pagent.

  • THESE ARENT native beauties .. they are mixed with Spanish blood.. Filipinos know this is true

  • Talking about opportunities investing in crypto currency now should be in every wise individuals list. In two to three years time you might be estactic with the decision made today

  • nowadays short haired girls with glasses are the ones who are considered beautiful in the philippines 🙄

  • Austin mom from Hiho kids ❤️

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