Real Philippine Village Life

Real Philippine Village Life

Join Reyna for a day in her Filipino Village in Mindanao. See how people work in live their daily life. Beginning in the morning to clean their surroundings, feeding the animals, planting vegetable, drying firewood, relaxing from work and at the end of the day praying the Rosary.


Albert Lehmenkühler


  • I love Philippines from Nepal

    I'm a biggest lover of Philippina

  • This is my life in my village in Mindanao/Davao. I stayed in my small farmhouse every vacation and enjoyed every bit of a real-life I had known since childhood with my kids and grandkids.

  • Jai Shree Krishna you are already blessed. Jai Shree Krishna. You are gopi of "Bhagavan Krishna" and your daughter is also Gopi of Krishna Bhagavan. And your husband is a cowherd boy, and he got Rukmini like caring Indian wife in "Golok Vrindavan", this message is for Bill and Cindy, here they are my neighbors and I always addressed them brother and Bhabi and I love their family a lot, I treat him as "Brahma" and his wife as "Sarasvati". And daughter as "Laxmi" on this Earth Planet from the USA. Jai Shree Krishna and Jai Shree Radha Rani Mataji.

  • Hi philpines boys how are you

  • I miss to live province kakasawa na dito sa manila..hay

  • Great Video, I planning to go a trip in philippines, Such a nice place and nice people 🥰thank you for sharing this beautiful Scene, lots of Love from UAE 🇦🇪💓🇵🇭

  • I am a Timorese but I love the Philippines because of Many Pacquiao,the greatest boxer. I hope to visit the Philippines one day. Greeting ftom Timor Leste.

  • Hi
    How are you
    Village name please

  • I would love visit Philippines🇵🇭 once for sure 😂if mah mom allow me

  • It's is somelike india,Arunachal pradesh. I found some people in Omegle so I come here.

  • Hi higala, Daghang Salamat sa pagpaambit sa video. Amping permi. Best wishes and regards/Ned 👍💐👍

  • I like the Philippine village atmosphere. from indonesia

  • I really like your video

  • Don’t annoy the chickens. Not good 😊

  • Very local or domestic video…

  • Good luck my friend ..i am from indonesian

  • What province?

  • Beautiful place ❤️ watched full video & enjoyed see you with more great videos 🙏👍❤️

  • Wow so beautiful 😍

  • Sounds like my grandfather's farm when I was a little boy, turkeys use to chase me!! This is the Philippines I wish people saw, rather then those other video sites.

  • How could I grow to understand more about Filipinos ❣️ it relates me so much, love the culture and people 😍❣️ from meghalaya India

  • i like province life in philippine some day i also will

  • Where in Mindanao is this?
    My girlfriend is from Mindanao too, and i hope and pray that I will be able to get there in 2022 and visit her and the family. 🙏🏼

  • This was lovely & satisfying (down to the sound of the rain), truly capturing life in a village like I remembered as a child in our province.

  • Would love to visit this villsge

  • Almost same like kerala (India) i like to visit the Philippines. Love you all.

  • Muito bom 😃

  • I love Philippines village thank you happy new year

  • Ngayon 73years na ako nais kong bumalik ng probinsiya at doon manirahan.tulad nito sa video ang sarap ng buhay walang pulusyon sariwa lahat kakainin.

  • Naranasan din naming manirahan sa bukidnoong maliliit pa kami .maraming pagkain manok pato kambing daming itlog daming gulay sa paligid ng bahay nnamin

  • 7:25 well remember this one 👍

  • Which mindanao village(name)? I live in sulit, south cotabato, mindanao

  • Nice. More Videos on Rural Life expecting. I like this Video. New SUBSCRIBER an Indian.

  • I hope I have relatives in the Philippines, i am going!

  • Living like humans are supposed to live. All natural at peace with mother Earth giving thanks to the Holy Father.

  • Watching from Bangladesh

  • What name is this place in the Philippine

  • Away from all the traffic noise…simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  • 07:08 looks

  • It's so nice to see the kids playing freely. But I didn't know they were using roos in battle, and that the Filipinos were doing it, and that makes me sad. Using animals in battle for entertainment is vicious.

  • Berjabat tangannya kok cium tangan sama seperti di indonesia

  • very good you wash bread before you eat

  • I like the simple life

  • This is far better than Nepali jungle life and rural India

  • I’ve lived overseas for over 30 years but my husband and I still miss the Philippines. Wish we can go back and stay in the countryside where it’s quiet, fresh air and all of the fresh fruit, veggies and seafood… where people are honest

  • Western countries are completely different.

    Although hardly a guy talks about it on youtube, you always pretend that there are no such things, who's more shy the Filipinas or the guys.

  • From South Korea, The sound of chicken crying is the same everywhere in the world.

  • Aba ayos ah.

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