Is it worth it to travel in the Philippines during a Delta surge? Let me know in the comments below!

One Health Pass – Starting September 1

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Latest Bureau of Immigration Press Release

Bureau of Immigration Press Release – August 29, 2021 – New Immigration Law

Bureau of Immigration Press Release – August 22, 2021
BI Launches ACR-1 Card Checking System for Alien Passengers

Bureau of Immigration Press Release – July 24, 2021 New Immigration Law

Bureau of Immigration Press Release – BI warns foreign vloggers not to ‘overstep’ boundaries

Bureau of Immigration Press Release – 10 Countries on Travel Ban

Temporary Visitors Visa – 9a




IATF Resolution No. 119 – 7 Days Quarantine Requirement ONLY for those vaccinated in the Philippines

IATF Resolution No. 116 – Mandatory pre-booked hotel quarantine for 10 days. Total quarantine 14 days.

Post your comments and share your travel experience so we can all help one another!

Standard Health Protocols:
Mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields.
Mandatory use of the Traze Mobile Application to generate and scan their QR code when entering in, boarding from, and upon arriving in all Philippine Airports starting Nov. 28, 2020.

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  • DO NOT TRAVEL TO PHILIPPINES THIS PANDEMIC! take it from my experienced! if you do, GoodLuck!

  • My Fiancee from US! Then his plan to come this coming November?

  • There is no reason to travel to the PH if you sympathize with the residents. Majority of the citizens are suffering because of corruption on all fronts committed by government employees on all Departments. As a result, the country has high gas prices, high electric and water rates, high cost of foods, high taxes, bad roads, poor delivery of basic services, slow wheels of justice, poor police forces, weak military and so on and so forth. Very sad.

  • I’m sorry it’s time to say enough is enough, we can’t live the rest of our lives like this, if your fully vaccinated you should be allowed to travel

  • Have the Filipino's realized yet…..that they have stopped basing their "Lockdowns" on deaths and now only on cases….remember a case is defined by a test given for Covid ……people are NOT dying that much by the corrona virus… or even the variants ….they will keep this up till the election …mark my words…!

  • naku pera pera lang hanap nyan

  • Mid to late 2022…. Philippines requirements are a moving target. :o(

  • When will the airport open for tourists?
    ı have buy ticket november

  • Who cares that the Philippines has 2M covid cases. I'm fully vaccinated and I had covid last year. I willing to go there in a heartbeat. How dare you trying to be the anti-travel police! Keep your own personal opinions to yourself! People who have had covid are 6.5 times more protected than vaccinated only. If it were up to me, (genetically speaking), the whole world should just get covid because what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

  • Its not all the travellers are bringing covid because they check themselves before the before even travel even its not required in the airport. There are more people got covid in the philippines than travellers…

  • One health pass is useless you still quarantine when you arrive so what's the point? PH copy this health pass from Hawaii but no quarantine in Hawaii.

  • They can keep this going forever with the lockdowns/restrictions and border closed and testing/quarantine healthy people because the virus will be around for many years and if we learned anything at all is that these measures do not work and certainly do not work in controlling the spread at this point with the virus everywhere, and for this reason, you can guarantee the Philippines will continue down the same path. The more we agree to these ridiculous restrictions/requirements, the more they will push the envelope and there are too many among us that are willing to continue (sheep) with the insanity. So, it just goes on and on.

  • Sobra k nmn mgbalita saan mo nkuha ang news n yan ,pd p sbhin mo more than 1 million for the past 2yrs

  • did u know that the more people get vaccinated, the more people get infected

  • I just came back…. Please don’t travel to Philippines… a lot of b.s. and corruptions

  • hello Miss .. my question is is there a way that you can find out if the mexican consolate there in manila is open for business ? And the 2nd question is do you know if the trouble with not enough inbound flights to manila and cebu airports only pertain to the free flights offered to OFW's and stranded pinoy or are the quota on inbound flight pertain to all flights coming into the philippines ?

  • Why are they not declaring a lockdown if there are so many cases? Thanks

  • You should have mentioned that out of the 2 million only 154,994 are active cases. if you cant do a better research stop doing this kind of video you are just spreading misleading information.

  • Please provide the information about us travel ban latest news.
    Thank you

  • The Los Angeles Philippines consulate never responds. How do they expect you to buy a ticket to the Philippines and a return ticket before you have a visa. That doesn't make sense!!!!!!

  • Hi kailangan po ba ng Ph visa ang formel filipino ( I'm german citizen)? Nag plano pa naman akong magtravel sa manila itong september dahil family reason.

  • Before make this video you should understand there are so many faiqe covid cases, they want blow the cases to keep fear.. Virus are with us understand it, not make sense stop the world for this flu remember its a 98,7 recovery rate, ur country have a worse virus with his own ph blood and people dont want recognize it, people dont give a s.. This flu when millions dont have to eat and seems we must thankfull them noo they do nothing for his people, you should be from the people side and encourage people to reactivate the economy again in the future, we cant be affraid cause ur mind die everything die with fear

  • Ma'am I want to know if there is available on the revised law on immigration the retirement visa.How to avail that type of visa. My husband is planning to retire here in the Philippines soon.please I need some information.Please help me.Thanks.

  • Better off to go to Vietnam, better food great people, and cleaner, and not much covid, simple lang

  • Go to Thailand. They are fully open in October. Wait things out in Thailand until PH opens.

  • i have visa student in phillipines can i enter ?

  • Saan mo
    Nman nkuha ang news na to ?

  • I'm number 170 like. 😆

  • How much are dead? Amongst 2 million infected?

  • Almost all of the 2 million are asymptomatic cases or simply people who are panicked because of grossly exaggerated media claims. When they recover, their natural antibodies will provide 19 times the protection of the Pfizer Vax and probably 30 times that of sinovac. Plus, the vax's lose efficacy after 6 months while natural antibodies are going strong at 20 months. Wake up, America and Philippines… and world.

  • I want to move to the Philippines.

  • People refusing to get a vaccine is keeping the Covid-19 going. Also people unvaccinated who refuse to wear a mask.

  • A few nice sights there but it's just too bad the people were so terrible

  • Are you saying americans are able to book a flight with a vaccine and registered at onehealthpass and quarantine for toursism/ marriage to fiance?

  • I will be going to cebu by the end of the moth

  • Why do you call OnePass a reason to not go to Philippines? It makes the process much simpler and easier. Most of the reasons you give for not going are illogical. Where you are sitting (USA) the cases per 100,000 are much higher than in Philippines and yet you say the high number of cases in Philippines is a reason to not go? If anything it should be a reason to leave the USA and head to Philippines. This video sounds like Duque wrote it.

  • Philippines is the only country that well not survive this covid. The house the whole family leave in one tiny house
    Off course the whole family well have covid. Also even you have sniffles swab test results is covid. So Phil health makes money from you. Corrupt country

  • stop this nonsense people are not interested in all these numbers anymore it is holding people hostage all these rules

  • Video, should headline “ why u need to go to the PI now and help people there and provide better guidelines to dumbass politicians who keep stealing the money”

  • Stop spreading this nonsense ; plandemic!

  • I like your updates, on this particular subject it's touchy to many. It was presented as there was no Pros or Cons to still traveling to the Philippines with precautions. It's about precautions and Risk vs Rewards. ( Family since the only ones who can get in are 9a holders)
    Overall keep up the Good Work

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