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  • It`s heart warming knowing there are people really appreciate the culture of the filipinos..👍

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Yes it's true loving and respect

  • You probably don't see that much karaoke in the streets anymore.

  • One they didnt lock the door. I lost it 😂😂

  • So accurate observation! 👏🏻😂😄🇵🇭

  • yes, they are loyal. that's why 70% of mail order bride are filipinas

  • Thank you…I'm proud to be pinoy!

  • its almost impossible to be isolated in phil and get lonely to the point of suicide..

  • How Filipinos think:
    Shove all the food to the visitors before themselves.
    Doesn't eat the last piece. HAHA

    "Nagkahiyaan pa." 😀

  • correct observation 🙂

  • so genuine!😉 well, i also admire the simple housewives in the provinces(country) they're the most sincere & caring, like my mom. it's so comftable to talk to some1 you've just met and you'll be at ease with as they're so welcoming & very generous …tho they have nothing much to offer.

  • the best in this series. Thanks!

  • Thank you very much for the complement !! God bless you more and more !! Filipinos are hospitable . We love to see our visitors enjoy their visit . We spend much time with our family – Sunday is our family day where after worship we to go mall and eat together and spend the whole day together until evening .

  • wondering what part of "rural" philippines did you go for the mission?  growing up in the 70's in the philippines, in the visayas area (i live in california now), i always wonder about the other kids of my age in those days, i always wonder about their own village or barangay and how they lived.  because where i grew up, i grew up in a village on a beach or right near the ocean where we get fresh fish all the time, we raised our own chickens and pigs, we grew most our own vegetables, fruits of any kind in trees on the side of the road or inland, coconuts and bananas everywhere, sari-sari store nearby, the town to go to market is like 30 minutes ride on a jeepney or tricycle. and btw, we have bible studies and go to church every sunday as well. (believe it or not, i have my own experience of missionary people that came to our village and they stayed for 3 months i believe, one stayed in our village for almost like five years because he became our pastor of our church, they were filipino local missionaries from cebu and went to our village and taught us about the bible more, how to pray, taught us new songs, taught us kids how to play guitar, i accompanied one of the missionary guy (i'm his favorite, lol) to visit people's houses to spread the gospel, all in all it was a fun neat experience!).
    anyhow, more of my village life story. i have cousins/neighbor who would invite their many friends and would party almost every night, drink their san miguel beer, tuba (coconut wine), tanduay rum and coke, get drunk, where they get loud and would blast their music, american and filipino songs alike, i would hear music from the carpenters, engelbert humperdinck, various artists: eagles, don mclean, abba, the commodores. and filipino singers in that repertoire, like victor wood, nora aunor, or eddie perigrina.  

    so, with that upbringing of my own as i described above, i am always intrigued about the other filipino kids by way they were raised or their upbringing (what it was like in those "rural" villages) somewhere, in luzon, in visayas, or that in mindanao.  

    one thing for sure though is everybody in school must learn tagalog and english as part of the communication vessel as it is used by every citizen of the philippines, whether they speak it fluently, broken, or just-to-get-by aside from speaking his or her own native village dialect. 

    as a teen in that village growing up, when i heard someone talking about manila (i think this is where the cosmopolitan word comes in) my mind always goes "one day." it was one of my earliest dream that "one day" i would be able to go there, to see it and experience it.  my family with barely no money, that dream at that time was impossible. although i know the cheapest way to go to manila from the village is via a ship and i believe it takes a couple days to get there in manila.  i haven't had that experience on a ship going to manila, but actually been there on a plane several times, local flights or internationally.

    btw, you don't have to tell me where the "rural" philippines where you had your mission in the philippines. it's ok!  no, big deal!  but i thank you for your deeds and kind words you say about the filipino people all the same!

    all the best!!!  🙂

  • this vid has 1 dislike  i wonder who is the one that dislike this vid XD hater

  • He looks like Mark Feehily of Westlife.

  • God bless u

  • Thank you sir for saying nice things to us.. ❤❤❤ I still can remember when I was young, I always say hi to some foreigners even If I don't know them. My mother would always remind me not to talk to strangers..but when it comes to a foreigner I would always open up because I think they need hospitality. I just like that they're not disgusted by us (I mean, I was a kid and my clothes were dirty and full of dust 😁😂 playing all day) When I was young, I would always think that foreigners are more superior than us just because they're white.. they look like the princes and princesses that I always see in tv. They have the aspect of being superior and they're amazing people. So I respect you guys a lot.

  • very nice brother…from  Church of Jesus Christ Of latter Day Saints…

  • In the provinces, if someone commits a crime against someone, usually the family of the victim will take care of business….

  • Filipinos are fun loving people.

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