Dressed for the culture: Where to buy indigenous Filipino clothes

Dressed for the culture: Where to buy indigenous Filipino clothes

Dress up like a local Pinoy as you explore the all-Filipino bazaar, Katutubo PH.

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  • what is the indeginous panasinan clothubg?

  • the only thing that mostly Filipino is not buying because it's very expensive..
    a simple abaca hut here in Expo cost dhs 80 ..(php 1,110) 1pc
    I really love to buy but so expensive

  • Indians wear their traditional clothing casually. There is also a booming trend among the youths of Japan, South Korea and China that casually wear their traditional clothing. It'd be nice to see Filipinos and other nationalities wearing their own traditional clothing.

  • saan po ba yan?

  • Yes to the Filipino fabrics. I would fill my closet with traditional garments and fabrics. But I’m overseas 😭 SOON

  • Di dapat ibenta sa mga yt

  • For those who hate the Baro’t Saya thinking that it came from Spain, don’t please. Baro’t Saya is native to ours especially for the Central and Southern Luzon people. The designs or patterns were originally Indian influenced due to the dominant Hinduism in the island, after the Spain came when they colonized us, the design changed drastically due to western influence.

  • I wanna wear filipiñana everyday, not just for buwan ng wika

  • Guys let's normalize these for casual wear!

  • Ilagay niyo to sa lazada, shoppee, and advertise it more po.. Promote it in a way kung saan accessible and shareable siya sa nakakarami. 💪💪💪💪

  • I haven't visited the Philippines yet but I always noticed that Filipinos acted like Mexicans. I know this because I'm Filipino and I've visited Mexico. This culture goes a lot deeper than Vick's Vapo Rub

  • Handwoven Rattan Bag – Handmade from Dinagat Islands

    Each carefully woven bag tells a story, while going through the process of hand weaving and drying on a coconut fire to arrive at it final color. We thank you for supporting and empowering the local lumad weaver by carrying this beautiful bag, You are bringing home a handbag made from premium materials.

    Please Note: The bag is 100% handmade. Therefore, the appearance and the size may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of the bag. Furthermore, the color of inside material may differ.


  • I want to see some pre-colonial inspired clothing

  • Were is this place I wanna check it out

  • Matagal na akong naghahanap ng ganito.

  • One concern is just how much potential is there for a modern spin to be put on traditional clothing. 'Cause let's be honest, all that color and pattern that not many would readily ask for in their daily wear is just plain gaudy. If iconography was all there is to gain (back) from traditional clothing that potentially have same-y if not obviously dated silhouettes, then there is almost no point. It might be great for evening wear, but if it just comes off as fetishizing primitivism and failing at producing something modern yet reminiscent, then it is an obvious design fail

  • Those designs are very beautiful!

  • Whats the name of the phil fabric that you used in that product?

  • Ahhhh ganda po nito 💖💖 sinusuportahan ko po kayo

  • I really think our indigenous fabrics can still be used as pieces for contemporary clothing and it just needs a lot of exposure to the public to convince that it is really beautiful and it can be casual for us Filipinos

  • I love this!!!😍 Please open up a shop here in Bohol after the pandemic..

  • Support!

  • what's the name of the organizer?

  • I love our indigenous fabrics so colorful and unique. ❤️ I want to wear it. Support our own.

  • If we ain't colonized by spain for soooo long, our fashion is somehow like this. It changed because of euro aesthetic adoptation of ph.

  • May website ba sila? Bat wala sa description?😅😅 Anyways, really interested kung saan sila makikita o yung store..

  • No men's clothing?

  • Gusto ko riiiiinnnn. 😍
    P.S. Quarantine brought me here. ehe.

  • May idea po ba kayo kung ano pong sinusuot ng mga Kapampangan na lalaki bago ang Barong Tagalog?

  • i support this! 😍🇵🇭

  • Wow good luck po maam sdlstore.weebly.com

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