• my modules brought me here:))

  • ' Hey Joe, Can you give a job?" …

  • Funny,when me and my husband a new zealander pass by with a bunch of kids ,😃they called out to my husband,hello joe…they think he's american.

  • "Araw Ng mga patay" is like the movie " Coco" Disney… We pray for our dead love ones/ancestors in the hope that they will go to heaven with the help of prayers.

  • Give some food even so little = is a sign of respect. My parents taught me that… Its a sign of respect. We call it "agda"

  • Salamat po, kuya Joe

  • why dont you marry a filipina.

  • Hey Joe👀😆😆😆

  • Wow. I love you

  • So great video bro,, watching from Cebu godblesdd u 💜🇵🇭

  • Everything is True hahahah!!

  • Hey joe

  • Yes it's true all you say

  • hey joe! 😀
    God BLESS to all 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Awww.Thanks im a filipino too

  • i am half Filipino and I want to learn more about them

  • And why are you making us sound greedy

  • Why are Americans doing this why not pure pinoy said doing this

  • We don really get excited with Americans all the time because of well the Philippine American war

  • often, Filipino calls Americans as Joe. I'm not really sure where it was really originated, but here's a thing… we Filipinos call ourselves as JUAN pronounced as WHO-ONE…

  • God bless you! I remember those days when we gp to the cementerio (cemetery) and it's an all day affair…we bring candles, flowers, food and stuff to clean our relatives grave etc…I missed the Philippines so much…our custom and traditions…hoping to go on vacation in the near future.

  • thank you so much for telling the world what we are about <3

  • Well I am taking this with a whole lot not a pinch of salt lol

  • very very very very, very

  • thanks for sharing!

  • We Filipinos celebrates Christmas starts at September and news program in television starts counting 100 days before Christmas (countdown)…

  • That's true

  • I've been to the Philippines 4 times Davao no one called me Joe

  • Well I'm really thankfully to my self because I'm half Japanese,American, and filipino.

  • thanks love and blessings

  • Wow! I love the way you pronouced the word of " Araw nang mga Patay " hehehe…Its sounds awesome!…

  • i am filipino 😀

  • not all filipinos are not like that but I agree with some of them… maybe in the province they do the hey joe thing…

  • This is true about the Filipino culture because I know because I'm filipino

  • I love the way he say..ARAW NG MGA PATAY!sounds cute lol.

  • joe, jew or jewish, world war2 rescue in the philippines

  • A lot of good deeds Filipinos had, but I want also to adopt the American mindset of how to have a good physical planning & environment. Population control should be instill to people's mind especially to poor Filipinos.
    Having pristine environment and serenity will be a thing of the past if the population density will not be controlled especially in big cities like Manila or Metro Manila where traffic is unbelievably crazy .

  • at some point you almost uttered a tagalog word.  i'm wondering if you know some tagalog words?  thank you for such kind words!  and thank you for sharing this video!  all the best!

  • Anybody's chill compared to gonzo Americans…but I agree the filippinos are great.

  • Great video.
    Love it whenever he raises his right eyebrow, and when he does it, my eyebrow raises too. synchronized. Haha
    And the "Hi Joe!" thing that is true. I remember when I was younger whenever I see American's I will call my friends then we will count, 1 2 3 and say "Hey Joe!" then will shut our mouth if the white guy turns around haha
    And you forgot something, Filipinos during Christmas Holidays attends to mass 9 days before Christmas Eve, we call it "Simbang Gabi" or in english Mass in the Dawn, or in Spanish "Misa de Gallo" I believe that's what it called. Its fun. Christmas is a looooooong holiday to Filipinos. 🙂
    And I like the first part of the video, wheb you say "very very" in each of your adjective. Haha and I "very very" thank you for those good comments 😉

    Over all, I love your video!!!
    Way to go dude!!!
    God bless!!!

  • I love you

  • I am an LDS 🙂 From the talk of Elder Brent Neilsen last Area Broadcast, he said there are three things about Filipino attitude that he was able to observe. HOSPITALITY, RESILIENCY and GENEROSITY.. I think I would agree with him. 🙂

  • Thanks for the compliments. Wish you can go back to Phippines.

  • Oww, so sweet!

  • OK, I am going in month. But first getting a T Shirt that say My Name is Not Joe…

  • The way he described Christmas in the Philippines made me miss celebrating it the Filipino way. 

  • I love u bro! I love the way you love Filipino's…and our culture! More power! <3

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