This Is Why We Travel PHILIPPINES – Cost For Foreigners 🇵🇭

This Is Why We Travel PHILIPPINES – Cost For Foreigners 🇵🇭

New to The Philippines and Planning to go to El Nido and Coron ? This video is for you if you want to know how much will it cost. We stayed a while in the most beautiful island of the Philippines ! With our trip for 7 days here in the Philippines ending we thought we would walk you through exactly how much it cost us to travel in this tropical paradise. What a week this was! Full of island hoping and swimming with so many beautiful animal. By no means were we bored.

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  • Proud Filipino here…..That's why I'm teaching our own Tagalog(Filipino) language to European students and other nationalities. Try Punta Sebaring along Balabac that's the best beach for me Aim high Filipino People

  • Filipinos are the most welcoming ones in person, but online? They are the worst

  • what is paradise a fleshly selfish desire to be happy with ones riches while the rest of the world suffers poverty do we not listen to christ or does satan tickle our fancy for those that have none paradise awaits them with christ not with satans world of suffering and lies.


  • divert living, the cost to foreigners, are cheapest, in asia, but i am fedup with cold weather, this time of the year, plus, rain, not like you lot, always traveling around the philippines, going around,

  • Buket list 4sure

  • Remember that you got is horrible they don't tell you that property is on there name not your. All scammers

  • Team Breakups

  • Very good

  • Hi guys. NEW SUBSCRIBER from PHILIPPINES. you guys are so pretty cool I do love your videos . I'll be HAPPY to be your tour guide for FREE….!!!
    See you guys here:)

  • Don’t be “kulipot” when giving tips.

  • Good video. I like your vibe. Accomodation prices put me off going there. $16 for a hostel…. I will stick to Siem Riep prices.

  • More dan 20% increase the price you buy and eat. Like shampoo its only 6 pesos not 8 pesos hehe. Thanks for your visit to my country..

  • Paysows 😂😂😂👍

  • You are welcome here in the Philippines good to u been travelled to those places that I never been even if I am here in out own country. Hopefully I can soon

  • I don't hate my country🇵hilippines, the problem is Humanity:
    1. “Traffic jam & the smoke by Jeepneys cause by pollution”
    2. “All of the neighbors talking rumors that isn't true (Thismosa/Thismoso)
    3. “So many Homeless people in whole asia not just Philippines”
    4. “There not helping family to each other every neighborhood that I heard always shouting & argues and when they heard, spreading rumors”
    5. “Some people are dumb their not stupid they just not listening”

  • Halo Halo for 1$?? In 1$ in Philippines is equivalent to 53php.

  • What was the total cost ?

  • It's Nice,So wonderful to do Adventure:)

  • Wow everything is so beautiful in this video, thank you for showing us how beautiful this country is.
    This is DOKKAEBITV, we also do travel vlogs about Philippines and introduce Filipino foods and cultures. I hope you will notice us.

  • wow i love your videos, thank you for making our day beautiful and making us feel that we also travel with you. this is 도깨비dokkaebitv, were hoping that you will also notice us, we also do travel vlogs and cultures about philippines. thank you.

  • Not very! cheap though 😕

  • @7:30 I want to go to the Philippines and read. 😂😂😂

  • Wowz

  • Thank you guys…keep on coming please

  • Weird peaced together video. Makes almost no since.

  • So how did you get a license to ride that moped. Or do you not need a license for under certain cc?

  • I love ph

  • visit to catanduanes Philippines

  • most of people travel to Philippines, including easy sex, this country provides.
    sex tourism.

  • Listen friends

  • Hey enjoy it, while you can, best of luck.

  • I'm from Philippines. If you wanna have friends from Philippines, we can be friends and I can teach you our native language for free.(But I'm not that fluent in English)

  • Ive never expected how pricey it is now in the Philippines

  • i have travled over 3000 islands in the philippines and in 2022 i plan to do moor

  • Hi

  • Thank u for choosing and loving my country!👏🤗😄 🇵🇭ome again..🏝🏊‍♂🏊‍♀🐳🐟🐠🐡🐸🐙🦐

  • Great video! Retired Navy, was station dito. Last time there was 2017. Tacloban mostly.

  • are the philippines lgbt friendly?? is it ok to go as a gay couple or will there be judgement

  • 4gb data for 1 month lol 😂.
    And it cost almost 1000 pesos.
    I'll just buy load for 5 gb for 3days only for 1 dollar bill

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