Canada is deporting this front-line health-care worker to the Philippines | COVID-19 crisis

Canada is deporting this front-line health-care worker to the Philippines | COVID-19 crisis

Health-care worker Carlo Escario is asking to receive his second vaccination before Canada deports him to the Philippines.


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  • sad news brother ! so so sorry …….Im shocked @ Canada 🙁 love from Toronto

  • Why is he even being deported to begin with? We need our health care workers.

  • Typical of multicultural Canada
    We love everyone to serve and work
    But then we kick them out

  • That is the very least they could do for Carlo Escario!!!!! OMG, it is a humanitarian thing to do!!! What is the big deal, just do the RIGHT THING, the Canadian government is constantly pointing out other countries inhumane treatment, well here we are now being a HYPOCRIT!!!! JUST DO THE RIGHT THING!!!!

  • This Doesn't Feel right for Canada, we open our arms to all but turn away those who contribute greatly…

  • Right. Deport the healthcare workers. That's the plan. In a pandemic. Right. k.

  • I would love to get deported out of this shitty country right now. Can we switch?

  • Sure, give him the option to pay for it

  • Our government is so stupid. we need PSW and health care workers. Pay this man to stay in Canada. Dont deport him. Bring more people in from the Phillipines to work in long term care.

  • Such a nice philipino boy, why? What happened? Never give up hope. Wishing you all the best. From a Chinese caregiver in Scarborough.

  • Ok, he misrepresented himself, but I don't think this is too much to ask. On compassionate reasons.

  • Hi Carlo, sorry about what happened to you. I don't know where your home is in the PHL, but I'm a foreigner living in Makati and the city just received Pfizer vaccines and apparently not enough people are signing up. So who knows, if you're in the NCR ask around, perhaps you might be able to get your second dose here. God bless.

  • C’mon Canada, let this guy get vaccinated

  • Understand he is illegal but question is whether he has in his time in Canada added value and has not been a burden?

  • Why does he have to be deported? Dude looks like a solid guy. A perfect fit for Canada. Honesty, Canada just seems to be getting more backwards by the day. What a crying shame. We can do better than this!

  • Our healthcare system is broken! If he is willing to stay to help why are they sending him back because of dumb paper work that’s crazy. I am sick and still waiting to get my second shot and born here. We need to take care of Canadians and those Canada is responsible for. I feel bad for the guy but the news doesn’t want to hear that ODSP payments have not gone up at all with covid even though food prices have risen so much . There are so many of us out here why doesn’t the new do a story on us ? Hope you get to stay and get your shot , not to put him in front of sick people that have been waiting for shot , no need to send this guy back let him stay and fairly get his vaccine and help the healthcare system that needs help ! Ok venting done . Have a blessed day I hope all goes well for you sir

  • I do not give a shit what he did to get into Canada. He made it. He had 1/2 of the vaccine shots without issue give him the second and then go through due process. Health and safety should always be #1 if you don't agree you're stupid and pychotic don't at me

  • You have to be kidding me, we are deporting health care workers in the middle of a pandemic?

  • What the hell? Why are we sending him home?

  • i hope he gets a 2nd dose before he goes home at least

  • What did he do? Why deporting him?

  • I'm sorry to hear that. We love health care workers because you help us all regardless of your own problems.

  • i didnt think that we actually actively deport people…. wow 😯 😳

  • I am willing to sacrifice my place in line to help this man get his vaccine. Please let him have my place!!

  • Thats nuts. Deporting a health care worker yet they let migrants cross the land border .

  • This is horrible! There should be leniency for those contributing.

  • Are you for real come on Canada this guy was on our front lines and we can’t give him a vaccine

  • Give him the 2nd dose of the vaccine. He sure made a huge mistake not being completely honest with his visa application, but he isn't a criminal. These people sometimes are advised by the agents processing their application inappropriately, like they will tell if you don't tell them you are single, no kids your application will be processed sooner & that they can just petition his family later & that should not be a problem. I hear many stories like these. Anyway, he is not a threat…unfortunate that this removal order is going to be part of his records. It is unfortunate that in the height of the pandemic, especially in TO where they need healthcare worker, he is being deported, but he has to face the consequence of his action , which he isn't resisting. Just give him the 2nd shot, he was once a part of the healthcare team that was helping in this time of crisis.

  • We need this young man health care worker in Canada why is this stupid government deporting him??😠🤷

  • The question is, Why is he being deported when he is working as health worker there in canada

  • I hope the federal government will be compassionate enough to give him his second dose ❤👍

  • Sometimes I think Canada is one of the stupidest countries!

  • Your a health care worker so you are prioritize in PH.. You can get Pfizer vaccine for sure

  • Why doesn’t Trudeau stop the deportation?

  • Why are people thumbing down?

  • Don’t we need healthcare workers? Why would we deport someone who could be working?

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