A Futuristic City of the Philippines Powered By Waste To Energy Technology

A Futuristic City of the Philippines Powered By Waste To Energy Technology

The Millennium City is the first prototype urban development master plan for a futuristic city in Luzon to be powered by waste-to-energy technologies. The future city includes the design of two major projects: the urban development of Millennium City and a waste-to-energy facility located in Barangay Balayan, Batangas. Its 44,000-sqm total land area fragments into 14 land use and 11 districts, populated by numerous structures inspired by meta-modern and neo-futurist architecture.

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  • 2022 philippines will be the richest country in the world. after marcos sit as president he will release the gold worth trillion$… the gold was not released because the yellow evils are stopping it, also… marcos cant just give this gold to the government coz they know corruption is very big in ph, watch this marcos Q&A https://youtu.be/RbECIqWMU9o your mind will be blown on how smart is our next president

  • only the Marcos can make this into reality, wala naman alam na solusyon ang mga dilawan dito kundi mga chipipay na project, lakas nila kumuha ng pera sa taong bayan pero chipipay at di karapat rapat na project ginagawa nila, kaya wala aasahan pag si leni binoto sa 2022

  • In The After Year 2025 A New Sci-Fi Utopian Futuristic Cybertron Alien City Of Tomorrowland Federation Headquarters Heroes Universe Of The Philippines Alien Powered By Waste To Utopian Alien Energy Futuristic Cybertron Alien Technology Heroes Universe

  • Best architectural firm? Really?
    You can do all those structures in just 44,000 sqm land area?
    That's just 4.4 hectares dudes!
    And fyi, Balayan is a municipality in Batangas.
    Better make sure you do and say things correctly before claiming to be on top of others who surely can do better.

  • These will cause billions of dollars to make HAHAHA we don't have that much money Lol

  • Is this approved already or still a plan?

  • 44 hectares of land use?

  • I might not be alive when this project will begin or finish.

  • I am excited 🙂
    Cities around the world will have ecofriendly cities, full of greens 🙂

  • Ping Lacson: Let's Make Philippines great again!
    People in 2050: We're now gold

  • Simply awesome

  • This seems like a great idea in theory, the problem I see is that the systems they put in place… there's no clear explanation. There's a lot of moving parts but, no way to explain how they work or how it benefits the environment or the community. How does the waste treatment plant convert the waste into energy? How can the make it sustainable with all the moving parts and maintenance? There were a lot of moving parts, those motors and moving parts take energy which also reduces the amount of output from the waste. The scale of the buildings and the size of everything looks like you will still need extreme amounts of power to sustain this lifestyle and standard of living which does not seem viable, just from the lights and air conditioning you would consume possibly up to half your energy and what happens when a storm comes and rips apart the windmills? what happens when your solar is clouded and you don't get enough input to offset? what happens when recycling takes up most of your waste and you cant get enough trash waste? Also what are you going to do with the trash, burn it and add to more carbon emissions? unless you have some secret in your waste to energy production. Nice video but it seems more like it was designed to impress architectural engineers and video designers instead of actually showing how the city would be converting waste to energy. The focus went off topic very fast and the title should be, "Futuristic city of the Philippines." and that's it, because very little went into the thought of waste to energy except 45 seconds of the 7 minutes.

  • Ganda,mixed cyberpunk solarpunk city👍

  • USA be Like 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Nice dream…. dreaming is free anyways. Good luck.

  • When I already reach my highest degree and work for 5 years I will invest to this project

  • Why trash? How about advance nuclear power technology?

  • Future technology for the better future of our country the Philippines 🇵🇭 (Ophir)

  • for dreams must die, it dies with the corruption of the philippine government.

  • Curious what program was used to build this city in?

  • I would be happy to die if I will have part with this enormous futuristic project.

  • Shit! this is insane, if only i am a Trillionaire, i'll make this thing a reality.

  • belle vidéo du future

  • Is that Biringan.

  • This is not true

  • Vachirukiah

  • It's inspiring BUT One thing i like about this!? THE PLANTS & TREES!🌳🌲🌴🌱🌻🌼🌹🌸🌺🌳

  • yung future talaga please 🤔😇🙏🏻💘💓

  • The next few hundred years looks bright

  • I will tell my son to see this on youtube, he will be inspired. HE took his master's program in Portugal and will continue his last semester at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where he began from the start of his engineering course.

  • I hope I'm still alive to see these projects and take my boys to see them too. My youngest son who has only one year of his master's program in civil engineering will be excited to see it someday.


  • I hope Im still alive in that to me😅😅😅

  • I would love to participate in this project once I graduated.

  • ito na ata ung sinasabi ng isang tao na future utopia ng pilipinas,, at sabi nya di daw ito prediction profecy daw by god🤯

  • Y’all are funny with these spiritual bypassing comments. Lmao.

  • Is the culture in the Philippines will
    Disappear if the future is like that?

  • This is all well and good, just a couple questions though….. How do you plan to displace the millions of poor people who already live in those places you want to develop? and how will you pay for all of these new buildings are you planning to borrow from China again? How many Years in the future is this? 100+ years from now?


  • Haha

  • Saan pwde makakuha ganitong sample ng 3D sitemap kahit yung Luneta o kahit anong city sa bansa ? Baka meron po kayo ma susuggest pa share naman po.

  • I think they're just trying to conceptualize the future of Manila or Luzon in a general modern perspective for the coming years.

  • I will no longer be existing on earth by then but will be very happy to know if my son will be living in this kind of era and the next phillippine generation

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