Sepak Takraw – Philippines Vs Japan ! Full Game HD

Sepak Takraw – Philippines Vs Japan ! Full Game HD

The Story of the Youngest member ng Team Philippines.
Full Video:

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Philippines Vs Japan Full Game HD Highlights !
Bronze medal match !
ISTAF Super Series 2015 ! Enjoy Watching !
Philippines VS Thailand ( Semi Final Match ):
Philippines VS Myanmar ( Final Match ):

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  • The Story of the Youngest member ng Team Philippines.
    Full Video:

  • Highschool Sports ko to nung 2001-2005 ngayon mahirap na gawin hahaha 80kgs na ako.. pati sa edad mahirap na

  • I need to know what the japanese #2 used on his hair, playing a sport like this and not messing up your hair is pretty good

  • Mababalian ka muna ng buto bago mo matutunan ang larong to… Eto ang mga sikat na sports sa mga probinsya… Sepak takraw at kadang kadang…😁

  • We played this sport during P.E. class in high school in the Philippines. This is a very addictive game to play, I tell you!

  • I hope this sport get Animated <3

  • Also played this game during HS and college days,, miss those days while playing this awesome game..

  • One of the most hardest sports, you need to be agile, flexible, quick reactor, has high stamina, strength and great balance and if your lacking in one then hospital is your last destination

  • Malupit to kung magiging anime hahaha ilang ikot kaya to sa anime pag bumanat #4 ng pinas hahaha

  • It is so beautiful to watch you wonder why this is not a global sport. It must be because tall white men won't be good in it.

  • why did you add music?

  • You should upload with no music

  • My brother use to play this sport during 90s he's really good at it

  • habang ng japan kala mo malakas

  • Wow!!subrang galing ng no.4,,

  • Dapt kasali ito sa Olympic kasi mas mahirap pa ito kysa vollyball at basketball,,kung di ma master ang mga galaw sigurdo bali ktawan mo….proud to be a Filipino

  • That "ang sarap maging Pinoy!", for me πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

  • I play this game

  • The ball used is hard af. One kick from your ankle and you don't want to kick it again.

  • Sepaktakraw should be in the Olympics as it requires so much Athleticism and Skill. so many other so called "sports" should be dropped like Baseball and Golf.

  • I don't think cheating is possible in this game.

  • Hidilyn Diaz becomes the first-ever Olympian to win a gold medal for the Philippines

  • reallife shaolin soccer 🀟

  • Dislike for constant music

  • This sports not only played by southeast asian right? So not a potential to go Olympic?πŸ€”

  • πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯any sport japan is in will defs be a manga or anime

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