Hidilyn Diaz wins the Philippines' first-ever Olympic gold medal | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

Hidilyn Diaz wins the Philippines' first-ever Olympic gold medal | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

Hidilyn Diaz set two Olympic records on her way to winning the women’s 55kg, bringing the Philippines its first gold medal in Olympic history. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #Weightlifting
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Hidilyn Diaz wins the Philippines’ first-ever Olympic gold medal | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports


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  • I'm happy Diaz won but can someone explain why the Chinese woman didn't win. She made all her lifts.

  • I love the scream of pure joy brought a tear to my eyes, congrats to her and her country the Philippines.

  • 4:26 the tears started to appear.

  • I cry each time I watch this. I have never seen such will power during Hidilyn's last lift for the gold medal and her utter joy afterwards. We witnessed super human strength brought on by a surge of faith and hope.

  • She's the coolest woman alive rn!

  • wow, these gals are putting up like three times their body weight. Gratz to the winner, has to feel pretty special to come out on top vs that amazing competition but to win your countries first gold too. Hope she was ready for that press tour, I'm sure she was a busy gal for awhile there. XD

  • This is by far the best moment of the Tokyo Olympics

  • What really made me so emotional was watching the tears of happiness well up and she started crying and shouting as she had the barbel in the air knowing she won gold. She knew she made history. Well deserved for The Philippines 🇵🇭!

  • Congratulations 🎊🍾❤️🙏🏽👏🏽🤣❤️

  • Amazing

  • 这是一位值得尊敬的女选手。在没有专业训练和器材的情况也得到了金牌。不可思议

  • I always shed a tear when I watch this.

  • Awesome!!!

  • I love the passion and emotions. Incredible moment.

  • Filipinos are very very talented bunch. If their country wasn't so poor they probably would have more gold medal winning athletes

  • I don't see how the chinese women lost. All her lift her clean and barely even broke a sweat

  • Just give you chills to see this and think these women probably like 5 – 5'5 lifting 4 times there body weight

  • lmao the female commentator forgot to be a commentator and became a fan

  • Olympics is the one time I don't hate being human

  • this kinda brought a tear 2 my eye . f that

  • The hulking limit july whistle because fifth biochemically permit unto a obnoxious puppy. internal, laughable crown

  • This gave me goosebumps, you could feel her fight.

  • Nice

  • That clean was breath taking

  • i didnt really get it though. china left 6 iut of 6. Philippines 6 out of 5. but philippines won gold… so china didnt lift that heaviest weight thats why she lost?..

  • This is really cool, congrats Diaz and the Philippines!

  • The 1st was the palabok eating competition

  • I watched this battle in my lab. As a Chinese, I wanna say that she is a respectable opponent and she deserves this gold medal. In this game, she slapped the Chinese coaches in the face

  • That was amazing. She stayed strong and won. She looked like the slightly weaker competitor. Can someone explain how she won over the Chinese woman?

  • I love how thrilled she is after winning.

  • that’s a HUGE accomplishment 🏆

  • Dude the beast factor of these ladies is strong! I'm blown away watching them!

  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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