Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019  AMIR SALI

Philippine Fashion Week Spring Summer 2019 AMIR SALI

• AMIR SALI – “CARGADAS DE ORO”(Loaded with Gold)


Jim Andog


  • The best collection ive seen so far (ph). And some of them are wearable too! Amazing.

  • Really cool I love my Filipina culture and I definitely do love the designs on the dress.😊😊😊

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  • I can see these clothes in a sci-fi/ magical fantasy setting, especially with the beautiful headpieces and the colors chosen for them. They’re absolutely stunning, in my opinion.

  • Ito lang cgurong mga model na pang class A dito sa pinas char

  • Traditional dress po ba ito ng pinas?

  • this has to be more like this in the Philippines for real. I'm really into fashion week type

  • My most favorite fashion show yet. I like the traditional theme and the pieces and color coordination in the outfits actually go well together, the patterns and accessories, ugh I'm loving that gold. Unlike in "high" fashion European fashion show where it looks like some 4th grader decided to experiment with their closet.

  • Medyo madulas ung runway

  • Jachin, so beautiful!

  • 13:10 is one of my favorites <3 That was PERFECT!!!!!!!!!

  • I like the collection pero sinong supplier ng sapatos?

  • Pakak Monika!

  • Pakak si Beauty!

  • Pakak Jach Manere

  • Lou is so beautiful.. ❤️

  • D ko alam may fashion show pala dto sa pilipinas, WOW

  • Didn’t know na may fashion week pala sa ph

  • Actually these models are class A models so don’t act like you’re more professional than them

  • I like this I want to do admire about this show.good design thinking for Philippines dresses with energetic models specially Last model and dress very excellent ….

  • So beautiful!!

  • Monika santa maria
    Jachin manere
    Beauty thinn
    Lou yanong
    Anne barker
    Vincent jarina

  • actually their models are good. depende na lang talaga kung ignorante ang nagsabi na hindi.

  • 2:46 OHHHMAAAAYYGAAAAAHDDDDdddd… . . . joke lang…

  • waley

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