Jo Koy on the Importance of Filipino Representation

Jo Koy on the Importance of Filipino Representation

Jo Koy remembers what it was like growing up without seeing his culture represented, which is why it’s so important for him to share his Filipino identity as part of his comedy.

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  • Watching this after Manny's fight. Still so proud of him. Filipino pride✨

  • Sarap tumawa

  • @3:12 The Truth?

  • Grew up in OC, Ca. in 1970’s, nobody even knew what a Filipino was.

  • Ayyye 3:13 Brandon Vera aka filipino mma fighter

  • you'd know it's manny pacquiao being interviewed because of the overuse of "y'know".

  • can I get a translation what the "interpreter" said in tagalog? I just understand "really? you son of a bitch" and then I lost him lol

  • Your the man

  • JUST BE A BOXER, MANNY. The only thing you do best.

  • What I hate the most about American-ized Filipinos, or Filipinos raised stateside, they talk down or make fun of other Filipinos with thick accents. Our grandparents migrated to this country speaking that way, imagine all the racism and mockery they recieved in the late 60s/70s. Now its the Filipinos raised here talking down at them. Thats my biggest pet peeve with Filipinos.

  • Ph

  • he is under rated.even Hollywood could laugh him

  • There were Filipinos in Queens NY in 1986 when I graduated high school
    Jo is so funny.

  • Actually it's not a ' filipino accent' you heard when Pacquiao spoke it's Visayan. Not all Filipinos speak that way it was more of the people from south not what you hear most from Manileans.

  • Was that Brandon Vera?

  • And today Manny is still fighting someone who everyone thinks he isn't going beat.. probably true.. but it was 'probably true' before the Barerra fight too.

  • Many baby!!!! Nothing but love from a Mexican!!

  • Yow! Brandon Vera is in the house haha

  • You can just tell that Jo is a genuinely good and kind man

  • Jokoy your the best comedian.. I laughed so hard.. Hahaha

  • I really wanna know which interview is the one with interpreter story.

  • Many doesn't sound like that, but its funny though

  • His Filipino accent sounds like a mix of thai and cantonese lmao

  • My dad has lived in Iowa now for over 30 years and you'd think he would be able to speak with a clear Midwest accent by now but nope he still sounds like he's fresh off the boat. 🇵🇭

  • I've got a drinking game.
    1. Take a shot of your favorite drink every time Koy says "Filipino " in one of his acts.
    2. Call a cab before you get wasted.

  • Who’s that hot guy with tats in the audience 😃😃nkakagigil haha

  • I was smiling at first but When i heard he cursed the name of the Lord???damn u

  • Only me who finds jo hot?

  • I remember in 5th grade I was talking to this Mexican boy about boxing and he asked me who my favorite was and I says Manny Paciquo. He said that his favorite Antonio Barrera would best up Paciquo but years later I watched Paciquo beat Barrera

  • Hahahaha…you makè my day sir!!!!

  • This guy is a legit a true comedian hahahha. Proud of u man

  • That ptngnang sentence. HAHAHAHAHAHA VERY FILIPINO 😂😂😂😂

  • Imagine if Brandon Vera had that accent, it would've been hilarious

  • brandon vera enjoyed a lot…🤣🤣🤣

  • It makes me so happy Jo Koy is Christian ✝️❤💖

  • Manny's english has gotten so much better through the years albeit the accent.

  • What's interesting with Manny Pacquiao is that we're so proud of him that not only do we expect him to win every time, and not only do crime rates go down in the Philippines every time he fights, if we even see the slightest clue of the enemy cheating and he (Pacquiao) doesn't win, we take to social media and protest. XD

  • I felt the passion in your heart. Thank you for representing!

  • LOL Koy disappointed a whole bunch of Filipino parents who want their kids to be doctors, nurses, and priests, not stand up comedians!

  • “He won. He f—king won.” goosebumps 🇵🇭

  • Mabuhay ang mga Pilipino sa buong Mundo

  • This is the first time i heard Jo Koy speak in Tagalog on Phrases with the correct accent EVEN tho he lives in America for most of his life

  • Brandon Vera was there!

  • 3:12 Brandon Vera in the house😁😁

  • Nice one JOKOY.. 😁

  • The Philippines has 170 dialects- there's 8 major dialect from the 170. I am an Ilocano- one of the major dialects. Each dialects have distinct accent when they speak English. There's some Filipinos that can fluently speak English just like the Westerners. Anyway, It's just for fun mimicking a Filipino accent, but would be also great if they can also pinpoint which particular dialect that the accent really comes from. I enjoyed the video, It's always fun when it's JoKoy. I am an avid fan!

  • man cant think of a joke unrelated to his being filipino

  • Is that Brandon Vera among the audience?!

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