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  1. Werewolf Hopkins says

    Well I live in Philippines for a years.

    17 years. And it was still hellish. Well not all parts but most part of the country.

  2. Waleed Abukar says

    scratching your head because people use water to clean themselves?! clearly this guy does not wash his ass. yuck!

  3. Versace Copyrighted says

    My 5 things
    1 Crappy food
    2 best scammers
    3 uneducated
    4 dirty city’s
    5 can’t drive or ride
    Bye losers ! Haha

  4. FELIX A VISEY II says


  5. Hosea Gabriel Sabanal says


  6. William Cupon says

    im in philiphines

  7. Mishi Kauu says

    1:50 HECC ARE U IN SM BICUTAN?!!!?

  8. Love from Kerala, India to Philippines. 🥰😍🤩😍😍😍

  9. Simon ghost riley says

    Lame kayo means very yummy

  10. Vinz Obnimaga says

    Sana all

  11. Aiden O'Shea says

    I am half Filipino and half American

  12. Conor RBLX says

    hey do you know this speak it on english ano ginagawa mo check it on google

  13. Tears says

    amazing man damo di kawatan

  14. Gacha Cristal says

    But some not 🙁 there not freindly but some and im a fillipin and why i said that some are mean or bully yiu for no resson but lot of people in my country name phillipine we all are freindly but not some of them yah

  15. Meow Meow says

    spoon and fork? Not all filipinos use that. In our tribe, we use our hands to eat.

  16. Fei Tamondong says

    Friend:hey im here where are you
    You:im juat near you ill just find you
    No one:actually your just on the cab or still on the uber

  17. __칸델라 says

    Philippines Social media was very very toxic this day and so many fake news too bruh when i meet some pilipino in games they always say putang ina mo instead saying hi or hello… bruh

  18. Mac Man says

    Facebook yeah, if you want lots of fake news lol! 😂

  19. Mac Man says

    "Everyone can speak flient english!"

    I disagree, we can speak english or rather can convey somewhat using english but not all of us are fluent in english… 👍🏻😉

  20. Aruka Kirigiri says

    I actually like it when my filipino friends tell me their honest opinion about what they think of my current look. Back in the US, they will just say "it looks good" almost everytime even if my new appearance is bad so I wouldn't lose confidence.

    My filipino friends may poke fun of me when I change something that doesn't suit their taste but at least I get an honest unfiltered feedback. And even if they may laugh at my current look, deep down they are deeply concerned and is just looking out for my greater good.

  21. Sand-Inch says

    I am always late cuz im afraid of being the first one there

  22. woL the fruit loop says

    i love how people are saying filipinos are the friendliest people on earth, and heck. im a filipino myself!

  23. Yexo3348TM YT says

    Drew:*Filipinos are the friendliest people in the world*
    Me:*try mo mag ML tol*

  24. Mhina Barcelon says

    they became late on purpose
    me who got late at online class at phillipines: yes we do

  25. Shajia Afrin says

    2:02 Isn’t that Bangladesh?

  26. Nobi Chan says

    I really thought a spoon and fork is a common thing even in other countries aside from chopsticks in other asian nation. I've watched other vlogs about this and surprisingly, they find it unique here and seems like it is only in the Philippines.

  27. Barbie Palubon says

    Actually i think drew is very genuine about it..and i really like it because his being honest about his feelings and it's quite true that filipino are nosy people because filipino are really curious…and actually im one of those Filipino people..hahha..♥️

  28. Amrit Xess says

    Water buckets replaced with toilet.. India be like hold my mug

  29. Christopher Domingo says

    I once went to an english restaurant and ordered a steak…
    The waiter asked if it be well done or rare…
    I said I want it cooked 😂
    I was wating for my spoon for about 10 minutes until I looked around and realized….
    I was supposed to use the knife.🤭

    You see, my girlfriend is reach and that was the first time I entered a restaurant, who would've know that it'd be that complicated 🤔

  30. Your Reacts says

    Because you love Pilipinos

  31. Tom Raven says

    Im an filipino and theres so much fun to be with your family lol , and my parents teach me how to speak english and how to understand an english languange but becareful woth people there. Theres a good filipinos and bad.. , as what your thinking we were a friendly pilipinos and pilipinas as this drew or who edit said

  32. Monique Olaivar says

    Replacing toilet paper with buckets of water AND our 🙌

  33. Bianca Denise Bermudo says

    It's cool to see the place where i live in at 0:05

  34. Gaming DirtBoy says

    The beginging of the video

    "Manila Philippines

    In 0:09 i saw the balanga city bataan

  35. Jerwinreily Granada says


    Are Toxic Player In The World

  36. quick silver says

    Wait! Philippines has culture?

  37. Eduardo Viajero says

    The Social Media addiction? Why no. 1 in the world? Filipino really love accusing people of being INSECURE… That is because they are assuming everyone is like them. Living in social media and always looking for things to Proud about is the ultimate sign of Insecurity. In the Video, Drew had to issue a DIsclaimer!!! Because that means he is aware, Filipino are world class in Taking Offense. They love to be offended by things online. Everyone has to issue a disclaimer to avoid being attack by Filipino Pride Warriors, who patrol cyber space for so called haters. I should make my own video about 5 quirky things about Filipino. But then again, the entire world doesnt obsess about Filipinos. So relax! Chill. You are not hated. People think of other things. Its not always about you or what makes you feel insecure.

  38. JANGER says

    Hahahajahahaha…. It's a filipino time

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