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  1. Making it happen Vlog says

    We are slowly but surely adjusting to living in the Philippines. A topic we wanted to talk about are some essential things we learned from Filipinos 🇵🇭🤗 SHARE this video with your friends if you agree with the mentioned points 💛

  2. Virginia Minong-Higuera says

    Thank you for embracing our culture….you have seen more wonders the country has to offer than most of us who were born and raise there…ahhhh your blogs feature places that i would surely like to explore once i get back home..

  3. Allan Bautista says

    Next time you visit divisoria. Let me know i can guide and tour you around. 😊

  4. Josie Regio says

    Love your vlog (makes me appreciate my roots since I (40 yrs.now in Canada) started following you! Your experiences in your different adventures give us (tourists) ideas where to go & what foods to try! Excellent vlog!! Thanks, just be vigilant @ all times!🙏😍

  5. arthur corpuz says

    Salamat po

  6. Ronald Liangco says

    Pls be careful when you leave your car & speedy in open parkings,just to be sure ,God bless beautiful couple😍🙏

  7. BASIC LIFE says

    I just recently subscribed your vlog maybe a month ago and almost watched all the blogs and now currently following every vlogs. So proud and happy seeing you both enjoying in phillipines

  8. SB MUSIC VIDEO says

    We Filipinos are one of the most friendly people, thanks for sharing such a great experience to everyone. Maraming salamat sa mga taong katulad nyo na nagpahalaga sa among kultura at kaugalian.

  9. Philippines is great place and kind people you both love pinas ever

  10. Romeo Ng says

    You have become very Filipinos by going to Divisoria for variety of economical things.

  11. maharlika17 says

    I'm amazed you would even drive in Manila. You have bigger guts than I have. And I am Pinoy and lived in Metro Manila before LOL.

  12. Genalyn Gipulan says

    Mmh I'm from davao del sur also people from davao so friendly sweet

  13. Rock Camacho says

    Yo, what kinda ride ( brand )you riding bruh🏍🏍🏍

  14. no one says

    a honk is sometimes a "hi" when they recognize a vehicle of somebody they know, it can also be a "goodbye" whne they are about to leave or pass by your house

  15. romeo tinaya says

    Greetings from central Florida, my wife’s family is German, I was born in Philippines but grew up in the USA over 60 years. We were a fairly traditional Filipino family growing up but my dad was a man of his word & kept to American time. In my later years we moved from Key West to take care of Oma when she was 89. Oma couldn’t believe how positive & optimistic I was & it didn’t take long for me to warm her heart. She ended up passing just short of her 99th birthday. The blend of the best of Filipino values & optimism goes far. I enjoy your videos thank you for sharing. I think it is also great you spend time with the English couple. Auf Wiedersehen und viel Glück!

  16. Pena Flor says

    generally Filipinos are kind but there are those who tend to take advantage….always ask for half the price and bargain on the price, find other sellers who sell same item you are buying then pick the one that sells lower price.

  17. Pena Flor says

    Always be careful. Do not trust too much. Watch out also for pickpocketers….

  18. Liza Halili says

    Thanks for the acceptance Filipino culture. OFW Kuwait. Keep safe ♥️

  19. Rose Aguilan says

    Pilipinos..even they have alot problems they keeping smilling at u ..even they dont know you …they make a friend

  20. Chel Say says

    Love your videos, thank you for telling the world about our country and our people, we definitely welcome you both with open arms☺🤗☺, Take care, God bless and stay safe, 😘

  21. Rosemarie Felgenhauer says

    Halo ihr!!! Grusse aus Deutschland…

  22. Rosemarie Felgenhauer says

    Divisoria is unbearable and chaotic…

  23. Nikko R. says

    In summary: The most valuable asset of our nation is the Filipino people. 🇵🇭

    We may have our own share of bad people—just as every race has their own—but I ʼm quite certain that we have a more lovable demographic as as a whole because of the culture of family spirit that has molded us.

    Love, respect, and family is what drives us to be for one another. Nothing beats that—not even a wealth of material things and a bustling economy.

    This is worth applauding from beginning to end, Mike and Nelly! You have really observed our countrymen well. 👏🏼 🤗

    We love you both! ❤️ God bless. 🙏🏼

  24. Cory Mathews says


    hand to his mouth and delicately kissed her fingers, one by one. She smiled.

  25. Raffy Maramag says

    Thank you for embracing the Philippines. Looking forward to seeing more of your exciting journey to Pinoy-hood. Cheers! #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines #ThereIsMoreLoveInThePhilippines

  26. Pee Wee says

    They say…if you can drive in manila, you are an amazing driver…hehehe. Welcome to the PH

  27. Melany Bayrante says

    nice bike mike😎

  28. Sylvester stallion says

    i'm enjoying your vlogs… you keep safe in the philippines…and you take care!. keep your valuables safe with you!.

  29. Alexander Cruz says

    Double your triple your patience specially when your using four whell… I hope your enjoy staying in the Philippines.. Stay safe guys..

  30. Ruru's channel says

    Loving your videos so much ♥️

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