Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.
  1. Confidence Club says

    What are things that you learned from different people?

  2. severino santos says

    "Smiling even during funerals." LoL! Sooo true.

  3. Eva Nebalasca says

    Yes we, filipinos, can easily adopt what others feeling, but sometimes we got angry… But for a while,,, always give yourself a space to think,,, and constant communication will always help to fix problem. No other person has no problem. Every body has problem. But we Filipinos, naturally are easily to forgive others just to maintain a harmonious relationship especially foa a family related problem. Always give quality time. And have enough time to enjoy life. You only live once, thats why we need to maximize our quality time, not only for yourself but also to everybody. The truth is Prayers can move mountain, filipinos always believe in GOD, god will provide us everything, we, people need to be good always, always be a gifts to other, to have peace.

    If we have peace in mind… Nothing will go wrong. Isn't it? Everything will follow in a good way.🙏🇵🇭

  4. Raul Terrado says

    Well, gee.. I don't know if that is a compliment or just a grand patronizing appeal to watch your video to all them good folks, but I take it. One advice, start learning the language if you plan on staying longer, don't be afraid to get down on their levels (like humans do) and quit studying them like some kind of bonobos, you're not in anthropology class. Trust. Be their friend, too. Guarantee you'll be happier living among them that is if you're all about being human, Above all, be safe.

  5. Sonny Azurin says

    #5-Patience can also mean "Acceptance" of what IS……..if they can't change the facts, Filipinos simply change their attitudes.

  6. Kyub Zhong says

    Tangina ng mga pinoy sa comment section wtf hahaha kakapal ng mga mukha

  7. Maria Flaig says

    Hi Tobi! i’m glad to hear these positive thoughts from a German guy like you.. very hlad that I was borne and raised Filipino! I miss my family and friends.. the beauty
    of their hearts..
    I was married to a very loving German husband.. and been living here for 40 years.. In a way I also love my second home and the positive sides of this country…
    but there’s a saying goes..
    Home is where the heart is”

    Watching from Germany

  8. luisa garcia,EdD says

    Thanks for appreciating us , our culture, and country.So many things that you said about us are actually eye opener.We are happy to hear how people from other country see us in their own perspective.

  9. tizmon says

    oh, my god. this is the most untrue depiction of philippines. what you said is lies or something that shouldn’t happen.
    1. philippines people are least respectful. even when you ask to stop with nuisance, they never stop if they don’t feel like it.
    2. they are not trusting. they are the first ones to admit they value blood connections because that’s the only ones they have in society. no trust in philippines
    3. they are not kind. they help others to earn extra money. they help their family because they don’t want to be cut off.
    4. they shouldn’t be smiling when there are this much problems here in philippines. murder rate, single mother rate, poverty rate. they are all one of the worst if not the worst in asia. they should stop smiling and start talking about the remedies. but they don’t even understand they have problems so it’s not possible.

    i forgot the last point but it doesn’t matter because the biggest problem here is the complete saturation of torrence for violence. these people will kill another human being without hesitation if they are angry enough and it’s a complete norm for everyone here.

    all the things i listed are true and completely normal if the murder rate is as high as it is in philippines. if you lived here for a year you should have seen something more substantial. but that’s impossible, too because philippines only attract the worst because it is the worst.

  10. Jaja 25 says

    Oh if some thai watch this they "better" again..and tell 🇵🇭 is not for expats

  11. Jaja 25 says

    A parents here 🇵🇭
    Has a motto to their child
    "My child can eat,even am not"
    A child here🇵🇭
    Has a motto too
    "Family first before other"
    Family is always on the top😂
    As person here 🇵🇭 When our birthday comes we first thank our parents for the life they gave ..before celebrating
    And friend is always 2nd~

  12. Elvie Bontilao says

    yes its true thats the cuktuee of the filipinos

  13. Emma Bunton says

    That's the truth…

  14. Rover Lights says

    truly friendship is based on TRUST.

  15. shrouck um! says

    It seems you are down to earth man! thank you for the understanding very genuine statement .👍

  16. Adel b. Salinog says

    All true bro…but smiling is the best …even we had a typhoon in the philippines..we are smiling like nothing happen hahaha

  17. I React says

    Very genuine and authentic observation.

  18. Nenifie Calda says

    Thank u sow much sir for liking our country….

  19. Simply Joys says

    Ohh Bvb fan.😊
    Gruß aus Dortmund. 👋😊

  20. Merci Beaucoup says

    THANK you Tobi krick. I'm watching your vlog in germany.i'm pilipina und ich wohnne in münchen..

  21. Dionisio Reyes says

    Ilke u all ready bec. Ur heart ❤️ close to the filipino people

  22. Susan Cuello says

    You got those things right.I have a close white friend here and sometimes she will be so stressed from an incident and I will say " is this a white thing".Why do you think it's a problem, because it's not.Few people said " she's so lucky to have a friend like you" and I would say I'm not doing anything especial, if my sister or brother or a friend of mine was here instead of me, she will get the same help.Yes we are Filipinos and I must say as a whole, with a few exceptions, we are very nurturing, helpful, hardworking funloving.We are respectful and protective towards elders, women and children .Smiling is a part of us.We are also very resilient having so much natural disasters, we can still manage to smile. The poorest people will share what they have even their last piece of bread if you are their guest. Our jokes are meant to be for fun and laughter shared among friends but unfortunately here abroad we can only share it among Filipinos because other races will consider them rude or politically incorrect.Great insights young man.

  23. cris Lou says

    So many cultures and rich of art. Filipino has unique in ancient city which is in manila bay discovered by Chinese archeology which is Leozhing ancient city and the filino has rich of Gold in cultures which is found in museum.

  24. WatchUpamore guys says

    👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 I appreciate the 5 things but the gossip not 😝😝 filipinos are not keen on privacy of neighbors sometimes 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Maria Elena Caga says

    Thank you, for appreciating the attitude of the Phil people, u can learn more,,,,, God bless yourvlog,,,, ,,,,

  26. Jeremy Yee says

    very well said bro..

  27. Liza jane Marigal says


  28. Matthew Arnold Rabe says

    thank you for sharing to the world that 5things you've learn about us, sir. i will salute you for that, thank you, thank you, thank you.

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