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  1. The Queen Teen’s says

    U guys are the coolest on youtube ..

  2. Rachel Casco Prado says

    Hello jolly couple I really loved your reactions when you watched the things about our country and as Filipino. Please react for this please 🙏. Famous Philippine actress then and now. Thank you. Muaaahhh 🥰 https://youtu.be/qj1lVIwmxrE

  3. Jacho Dignos says

    Happy reaction can you react to apong wang od the last tattoo artist in kalinga plssssssss 😄😄 love of bout of you 😙😙

  4. Rikitik Miguel says

    5:22 The video clip is from the movie 'Dance-O-Rama'. A 1963 Filipino movie starring Susan Roces (still active in showbiz today) and Jose Mari Gonzales (RIP). The movie is all about love and dance crazes at that era.



  6. 사천 says

    i saw my grandparents old pictures in there cabinet the style is like 1950-1960 it so simple 😀

  7. Earth says

    My grandmother said his grandfather died at 120+ yrs old

  8. pde12660 says

    1500's-1700's are based from boxer codex where in you will see that gold is part of there fashions, that's why Scholar's learns that Philippines is the ancient Ophir where King Solomon's got his gold.

  9. madeline muñozco says

    5:30 that pic is from the movie tiya loleng in the year of 1952 i only know one person there ms Nida Blanca

  10. Cristina Soldevilla says

    Hello at nasa Phillipines ako po
    Hello and I am from the Philippines

  11. Vince floss says

    Hello Fernando and beautiful Vanessa please make a reaction video to the longest variety show in the Philippines. EAT BULAGA they were 40 yrs in tv show

  12. Carmela Joos says

    Filipinos wir singen und tanzen gerne♥️♥️

  13. Ma. Veronica Tenepere says

    Keep it up

  14. Charmaine Olarte says

    #mabufreakinghay From pi-she-yeh to filipiniana to break dance the modern hip hop …Do react on https://youtu.be/IqJ_rPHfSyU, https://youtu.be/Ovx8BkPBXdc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9SI37ZjpHc&feature=share love lots <3

  15. Domingo Trinidad says

    You know what my wife sometimes or shall we say very often nags me but i am happy.. Sometimes seeing her annoys make me feel a bit stress but it is time for me to give her something.. It is basically a peace offering.. The stupid thing here i am just scammed by her.

  16. Domingo Trinidad says

    I remember the movies of filipinos before there was this performance singing and dancing before the movies ended.. Like a farewell.. I think we really like performance we literally sing and we dont care.

  17. Cookie Delights says

    No joke, im always happy that u always support our country no matter what! Filipinos will love u guys!! ❤️

  18. Hajarna Sumagka says

    Wow my one of FAVORITE history I'd like it fantastic subject in grade 5 HEKASI 😂 tattoos 😊

  19. Nicole Ratcho says

    I really love you two!!! Thanks for appreciating our country which is Philippines, just keep on making reaction videos you guys making my heart so happy!! I love you both❤️

  20. precioso peñalba jr. says

    Filipinos are conservative in nature that's why they wore clothes that doesn't show much flesh during 1900's.

  21. Friskies Catfood says

    Love watching you both! Please react to Classic Actor and Actress of Philippine Cinema / Classic Filipina Celebrities THEN and NOW PART 1 & PART 2

  22. Jem Baucan says

    First one should be Pre-Hispanic Time-; should be before the 1500's-1600's before being colonialized by Spain

  23. Mini Nimi says

    Who remember's streetboys? I saw Spencer hehe.

  24. Nol Arc says

    I suggest you search God Culture videos about the Philippines history. More complete and accurate information and truth about our true history ..actually Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao has its own unique story that should not be mixed up.

  25. Silver Barceta says

    Maria clara is the best.

  26. Silver Barceta says

    90s child here… Love it

  27. Lazo_Nickson says

    Hello po! Please react to 'marcelito pomoy's' Time to say goodbye at America's Got Talent the champions.

    New subscriber here

  28. miss kup'z says

    My father born 1964 not too old. But I seen his old photos longhair ang the pants is lose. 🤣🤣

  29. Vincent Borromeo says

    So funny. My dad moves the cellphone an arm length away from his ears when my sister is on. He does it for five minutes and my sister does not even know. I think it is quite rude of him but me in the background so im just laughing. So now no conversation is without video.

  30. Zuriel Enciso says

    Filipina during the old days including my grandmother are so conservative, I remembered she told me the day when my grandfather are courting her, even though they are already dating for several years they don't hold hands while walking in the public.

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