22 PINOY INVENTIONS na Ginagamit Ng Buong Mundo || Lists Of Filipino Inventions

22 PINOY INVENTIONS na Ginagamit Ng Buong Mundo || Lists Of Filipino Inventions

22 PINOY INVENTIONS na Ginagamit Ng Buong Mundo || Lists Of Filipino Inventions
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This video shares lists of Filipino Inventions that the world is using nowadays. The Filipino inventions varies from different field of knowledge. From past to present inventions, Filipino inventions play a significant benefits for mankind worldwide.


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  • May thier stories inspire people around the world… who would expect that these 22 inventions came from the Filipino people… amazing… salute to all the inventors… your work is very helpful and life saving for every challenges we face in life.

  • An poor country with a bright mind. Mabuhay pilipinas

    Just a patriotic filipino here.

  • What can bahag help to the people of the world? Can I say Sari of India too?

  • dami pala nagawang imbensiyon and mga pinoy
    pati bahag ket considered gayam nga invention….pati adobo at barong tagalog
    thanks for sharing this

  • Mg imbento nga ako ng masculine wash

  • Mang tomas ..di nasama

  • Why they didn't pay Dr. Abellardo Aguilar 🥺

  • And here we are in a world where most of the people around the globe thinks that this is an American invention

  • Bahag 😄😄😄 ….

    Nice joke!…..

  • You forgot jollibee 😄

  • Helo nice

  • Wow

  • good to know this vid…please upload more…

  • salamat po dagdag kaalaman bagong kaibigan po ingat lagi

  • Learning while watching.

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