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  1. mfascuba says

    Hello! Or as I was taught, maayong buntag!! I’ve learned a few words, there must be some minor regional variations, I learned kumusta ka instead of just kumusta, and maayong buntag / maayong gabii. The area I visited was northern Cebu, in Bogo and Malapascua. Keep the videos coming, you’re doing a great job! Salamat!

  2. Nnoel uoel Joseph says

    Keep being informetive knowledge of any other language is an asset your appeal is universal

  3. wildnrone AMD says

    filipino words? witch language….?

  4. chris randell says

    Can you teach Philippine swear words?

  5. Go-go Akins says

    Great segment ! Salamat for all your Time & effort you put into your fun & fab channel ! ✌️🌹🌉

  6. Kiss Me Josh Sky says

    She taught me mahal na mahal kita rhea ko. Im not sure if i spelled it right but she said it means u really love her with ko meaning yours, is that correct?

  7. Kiss Me Josh Sky says

    I love this video do more language words if u can. I use to learn a little from my ex but now we r no longer together 😢

  8. Living Asia says

    Thanks MJ.. Love getting taught by a super model with a kind soul.. Love your videos, be safe 🙂

  9. Thomas Cooper says

    Maraming Salamat for this tutoring video! Is that Tagalog or Cebuano or something else? Now, will you teach the rest of the language(s)?

  10. Jimmy Iturriaga says

    hey i'm enjoying watching your blogs .. cebuano here in los angeles .. when i was working sometime in manila .. a co-worker of mine commented that cebuanos are disrespectful because we don't usually use "po" when we translate our cebuano dialect to tagalog .. i really don't care, nobody can force me to be someone else .. hehe just speaking my mind

  11. Ma-BOO-hi! Moose-ta goose-ta? KuMustard ng Mayonnaise? Cge, sige, where, where I do not see the gay. Where is d bayot? Salamat ng peperoni. Pal, I hug u! Bakit na bucket?

  12. RABBIT MAN says

    Beautiful everything the Filipines

  13. Blossom Quisno says

    You are very maganda

  14. chaltomato says

    After learning Filipino words, i want to travel in your heart..haha

  15. DaddyJ810 says

    The Philippines has many languages, so is this Tagalog, Cubuano, or another language?

  16. JustABill02 says

    So Walang is the same Walang in Walang forever, so direct translation is "nothing"? So what is the direct translation of Anuman? How do we get from "Nothing" Anuman to You're welcome?

  17. Jim S. says

    Thanx 4 teaching me some mkre Tag.. its going 2 help me wen i go there in a few months 🙂🙂

  18. Gregory Jones says

    what if they are younger

  19. David Linihan says

    I asked my girlfriend “what does bakit mean”. She said “why”? I said “I just want to know”. She said “good”. So, I said “what does it mean”. I didn’t get it! I thought at first she want d to know why I wanted to know. We’ve been married 45 years

  20. Nova Scotian BoxingFan says

    6:27 i just read a comment on her last video with 100 likes that says Filipina woman never swear lol

  21. Nova Scotian BoxingFan says

    Wow com esta komesta. I need to learn all the spanish/English tagalog cognates.

  22. Nova Scotian BoxingFan says

    My Gf's 3 year old daughter calls me "Pogi Dabid" She has hard time saying David. I love the little ganda Baby.

  23. Samuel Ortiz says

    Salamat for the 15 Filipino words! You're a very good maestra….ingat palagi.

  24. Van Canada says

    maganda Nice here to learn I like Philippines people optimism & smile always It is a nice country

  25. Mario Mejia says

    Awesome video.. salamat

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