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  1. lord_of_cinder 9 says

    Its disgusting, sitting with 9 other people on a table and not use tools, to eat… This has nothing to do with respecting your food. It´s disrespectful to munch with 20 dirty hands in a beautiful roasted pig and sidedishes.

  2. H D says


  3. Zikri says

    16:56 adam, bro what?

  4. LNY Scythe says

    andrew sure knows how to impress a girl with his speaking style

  5. Yan Yan says

    Awesome! I miss the days when 10 people can be in one table eating together without the fear of catching COVID. That scene in Jeepney was so much fun!

  6. Underpants Man says

    The thing that makes me laugh is that tocino literally means bacon, also I am from Chile, And in Chile we talk Spanish

  7. Bam Bam says

    It's been years but you should mix the Halo-Halo. It's basically called mix-mix because it's mixed with diff ingredients and YOU SHOULD MIX IT. Break that ice with spoon. poke that ice.

  8. Azddin El khabouze says

    remember my brother pork is haram

  9. Shironn Kaito says

    I missed eating at Kamayan sa Palaisdaan. They have the best Pork BBQ, Fried Tilapia and the crown jewel, Sizzling Sisig. 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  10. secretAZNman says

    i love going back and seeing this now that i know who Inga is.. so cute at 13:09 and then hearing here cheering at 13:11

  11. Dream's Girlfriend says

    $700 dollars is wayyy expensive. Here we can feast like that at just $350 at it's lowest

  12. Phoenix says

    Annie is so beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  13. Martin Moya says

    As a chilean, I'm amazed that we also have the same longaniza, with the same preparation, appearance and name in the other side of the world. Obviously the origin of the mighty longaniza it's from Spain, but I'm amazed that nothing change

  14. Brooke Hamel says

    13:22 lovin’ the stolen sticker on the last restaurants food truck

  15. Dustin Roy nacinopa says

    Hmmmm but if u have a feast like that here. Thatll only cost aroun 300-350$ max

  16. tufele tuitavuki says

    My favorite part was just when everyone was just cheering adams name😂

  17. Shironn Kaito says

    When it comes to Pork in the Philippines, the skin has to be VERY CRISPY.

  18. An Ri Ko says

    I once went to an internation summer camp where about 10-12 countries send 4 kids and one adult. There would be a night where one country will be cooking for all the campers and when it was our turn, we cooked chicken adobo and garlic rice. And I got used to eating chicken in general with my hands because it's easier to get the meat out. Almost everyone who was there was looking at me and asking me why I eat with my hands and I told them that in the Philippines we eat with our hands or with utensils. It depends on the person

  19. remuel dignos says

    Where’s SINIGANG??

  20. Jemar John Lumingkit says

    Pls redo lechon episode

  21. Myrcella Duskendale says

    715 dollars? Jesus my lola could make all of that with the budget of 1000 pesos and still save some for later. I think ya'll just got robbed lmao. To put that into perspective right now 1 dollar is equivalent to 50-60 Philippine Pesos.

  22. Evan Yip says

    1:06 someone tell me they here that too

  23. Willow Thompson says

    I'm sorry but her hair bothers me…I have a whole thing about hair….I just wanna wash it , condition it and brush it

  24. Neil Fainza says

    thats not the national dish of the philipines "adobo" it should be with soy and vinegar

  25. chemical ranger says

    this make me hungry

  26. Hao Jacey says

    why are there so many dislikes? these "worth it" videos are literally one of my favorites. I am CONFUSED…

  27. CD1776 says

    I have to ask, why does steven’s hair color change so often ? Black hair makes him look normal and blond washes him out next to Andrew

  28. Simon Santos says

    Actually the national dish is the lechon

  29. GachaMe T says

    The real style of how filipino eats is spoon on your dominant hand and just your hand in the other one.

  30. Seth Remo says

    All those places had amazing dishes, but if we’re talking worth it food and culture, jeepney won hands down with the kamayan

  31. Edric Dela Cruz says

    steven be realy making the powerpuff girls

  32. complicateditis says

    2 mins later: wait, where did Annie go!?!?

  33. LiSquid_ says

    I'm filipino and this video just taught me how to properly eat food using hands

  34. Alyssa Pebenito says

    As a filipino the halo halo should be mixed thats why its called "halo halo" for a reason (halo halo means mix)

  35. Vinokai says

    Oof, feel bad for the last place, wonder how they're holding up in quarantine….

  36. Vinokai says

    Steven so greedy he takes the whole head…..😆

  37. Lupe Crux says

    My friends and I were looking for seafood and he spots a Filipino flag. So I finally got to try ginataang kalabasa, and dinuguan. I needed a nap less than 30 minutes later. It was like eating soul food on Sunday after church. I enjoyed every bit of it

  38. Renee wang says

    andrew’s love for sausages is real

  39. kent santiago says


  40. George Haffen says

    that’s not halal bro

  41. Simon says

    imagine beeing a pig and watching the last dish beeing eaten by all of them lol

  42. Connie Nelson says

    seeing this during the pandemic hits different

  43. Riro Lopez says

    I felt sad that they couldn't do open pit roasting. 🙁

  44. bald kitty says

    the white guy looks depressed

  45. parman says

    11$ for a shot???!!!! wow rich people things

  46. Faraz -asdf says

    Halal VS Haram

  47. The Anonymous JIGS says

    I think, I felt guilty on watching this because, eating pork is HARAM especially, if it has blood on it and even if, it is cooked!

  48. Lieutenant Wolf says

    America: 750 dollar lechon pork
    Philippines: 100 dollar lechon pork that is double that sized

  49. Cassandra Csencsitz says

    ALVIN!!!!!! 16:54

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