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  1. Cut says

    Follow Chan on instagram at @hellomingo !

  2. Beatriz B. Guasch says

    It's also important to show that we have become a mixed race. Diversity. I see a lot of comments against mixed race Filipinos, I have Scandinavian ancestry. Does that make me bad? Or less of a Filipino?

  3. dimebugg Abonitalla says

    Anyone watching this in quarantine??

  4. Flee The Facility Gamer says

    baeuty is in the heart

  5. Glacier Frost says

    Pacific Islanders with Spanish name
    Pacific islander which is Catholic (Philippine population is 90% Catholic)
    The mid part and north of Philippines is mostly Got Ancestry of Spanish and East Asian


  6. MOTORANGE PH says

    Is that Austin's mom?

  7. Kaseki says

    They were see pilipinos as poor globally but no were just modesty thats why we underestimated. Our pride is sleeping

  8. Cyber Ice says

    2:35 Whattt

  9. jeonjunggo says

    I have American first name and Spanish surname, but i look like Japanese or Chinese. Wtf?

  10. Andie안디 says

    That's the beauty we naturally have in our blood, the combination of our mixed-nationality ancestors. The beauty that Filifinos carry.

  11. it's me Jas min says

    The boys voice annoys me

  12. Woah! I’m Bart Simpson says

    I have a question about this video. Isn’t a non-white person wanting and trying to look white really disrespecting the race of the white people? I honestly feel a little offended by this

  13. Raungel Marlance says

    2:33 Correction: President Marcos is not a corrupt and the corrupt is the Aquino's

  14. JM Tv says

    How idiot was our fellow Filipinos cause they not using their own language

  15. Randhel Garduque says

    At 1:17 si yes i do the cooking ba siya? Haha just asking

  16. Ronald Sarmiento says

    I saw Philippines, I clicked.

  17. Barbie Doll says

    Why is it acceptable for the west to be tan but for asians not to be white??? I need to know the answer. Its always white people that keep on hating on asians that want to be white but white people themselves want to be tan but y aren't they getting any hate for it??

  18. فتاه - cutekey says

    who the hell dislike this? uhm jealous ?

  19. Philipp Pines says

    Marcos in not corrupt, i believe. The ones who are corrupt are the people surrounding Marcos. Dont wanna mention names. Period.

  20. Daniella Escolano says

    Why am I annoyed by his voice? Is it just me?

  21. Xris Escala says

    "Beauty is not natural, it is always conditioned."

    That hit me hard.

  22. Mark John Bacalde says

    salamat kojic.

  23. Kaye Barrozo says

    Shixxx the model is April? The mother of Adrian of Hiho Kids? She's a filipino too hihi

  24. bea marie says

    Is that Austin's mom?

  25. Little Ryu says

    Ironic how Philippines or actually most Asian countries want to have lighter skin while western and European countries mostly want to have a tanner skin :> this beauty cycle though, interesting

  26. Vielle Vianca San Pedro says

    I suddenly realized that Beauty found in brown skin is as beautiful as other shades

    PS I'm a Filipina

  27. YURIalterΞgø says

    it annoys me when they advertise whitening soaps… like people don't need to be light skinned to be beautiful, they could always rock their own skin tone no matter how light or dark they are

  28. Joy yieee says

    I think Philipines is have the most beautiful ladies in the world

  29. Putin Mapanson_YT says

    first of all ferdinand marcos is the best president in the philippinesand he is not a corrupt president and he made our country a very strong counrty

  30. Yurika says

    The Model looks like Tony / Maimai xD

  31. Habiii Desu says

    Bring out the male version pls

  32. shuuiki says

    I've never heard someone speak so much facts and hard truths in a seemingly casual/entertaining video. Cut, you've found a really good researcher for this video!

  33. Kazhie Production says

    she looks like toni gonzaga and christine reyes

  34. b a b y m o c h i says

    I'm Filipina, but my name is English and my Middle and Last name was Spanish.

  35. sst0rm says

    when most of us still short after centuries

  36. your ilongga cousin says

    It’s austin’s muuummm

  37. Jorrilicious ' says

    Asia: i hate being dark!
    North America: Mom i want to have a tan skin tone!

  38. Ian Carlo Lositaño says

    First one's Alexandra Masangkay if I am not mistaken.

  39. bandod says

    filipinos are hot ngl

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